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Inbound Marketing: Broaden Your Jewelry Store Message

Over the past week we've given you several ideas for blogging. We hope that each Golden Nugget gave you actionable ideas how to make you blog better. Today's a great day to start blogging if you haven't yet started.

Google says "you need to build great content on your website" to be found in Search, and blogging on your website is the easiest method. Even though we say this day in and day out many jewelers do not listen to us, or worse, don't believe us. We don't take offense because, just like we don't quite know how a laser is used to weld a head to a ring, most jewelers don't know how the internet works.

We don't quite like blind faith, and so, it's now story time...

The ability to search Google for anything you want at the exact moment you want it has changed the world we live in today.

Access to information is crucial for helping you decide what cloths to buy, directions to your friends house, consumer reviews that help us choose products while standing in a store, and even to help us decide what meal to cook while we're staring into a refrigerator filled with food but don't know what to eat this evening.

Smartphones and tablets give us instant availability to the internet without the need for a computer, and that access it used to search, mostly. Of course many mobile users are also spending time on social networks, but search truly leads the way, and really it's because Google makes it so easy.

Google is the current leader for search. Bing is still trying, and (once Goliath) Yahoo is so dead that we've only seen the Yahoo spider visit our Daily Golden Nuggets 17 time since October 25, 2011. Meanwhile we see the Bing and Google spiders crawl our pages several times a day.

Google has customized its search features to work conveniently in any web browser. On mobile devices you have the choice of using Google search through a browser, or by downloading one of the various Google Apps.

The point here is not necessarily that Google is god, but that Search is ubiquitously available to help us find what we need, when we need it, so we can all make informed decisions.

Let's now turn our thoughts to marketing, or better yet, the idea of brand awareness. One goal of brand awareness is to create such a strong marketing message that someone will remember your brand when they eventually need you.

Inbound marketing is the phrase we use to describe the process of flooding the internet with so much of your information that enough can be found in Google search when someone actually wants it. Naturally when they find you they come in and shop, thus, inbound marketing.

Through Search someone finds what they want, when they want it instead of needing to remember, or even pay attention to direct mail, direct solicitations, billboards, TV commercials, or radio commercials.

Today we just go searching Google when they want something and we're all wearing virtual blinders that allow us to disregard all but the most interesting marketing.

Blogging on your jewelry store's website helps flood your information into Google, but that's only one method of getting your information out there. You, as a jewelry store owner, need to understand where your target audience is online.

If your audience is using Twitter then you need to Tweet your heart out.

If your community Yelps a lot then you need to pay attention to your Yelp account.

If you're personally active on Google+ you have a real chance to influence the SERPs that your customers see simply by posting store related stuff to your G+ Stream.

Pinterest allows you to provide a visual representation of your interests, services, and products. You can easily attract a whole new audience on there in a few days.

Of course there are other methods, but each of these helps feed Google Search, and therefore help people find you through inbound marketing.

This Golden Nugget doesn't have an actionable item, but we're hoping it helps to explain a little bit of how so many different internet technologies fit together and changed the medium of marketing forever.
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