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On-Page SEO Ideas for Jewelers to Target Local

Last week we gave you an example of how you could rewrite some copy on your website with Local Intent so it doesn't appear overly spammy to Google. Here's the link to that Nugget if you missed it:

Today we have a list of some specific phrase examples that you could, and should somehow sprinkle around the pages on your site. We've using our address in New Jersey for this example.

Example #1:
"Hello and Welcome to Perosi Jewelers. Come browse through the most unique jewelry store, gift store, and bridal registry in Totowa."

If we were writing a book, we would say "jewelry and gift store" to be more concise, but for the web you need to split those phrases up for exact matching through Google Search. Also, you might notice the use of the phrase "bridal registry" in this example. Back on April 20, 2012 ( here: ) we told you to give up on the word "bridal" when trying to attract wedding ring sales. For this example, if you have gifts and jewelry in your store it makes perfect sense to still use the word bridal.

Example #2:
"Jewelry Stores in Totowa, New Jersey"

For this example you could include that phrasing in the sentence like "we're one of the best jewelry stores in Totowa, New Jersey." Bonus brownie points if you can squeeze the word "best" on one of your pages.

Example #3:
"323 Union Blvd Totowa, New Jersey. We're the Totowa jewelry store. Ours is like no other gold buying store you've ever visited."

For this example we're putting our address in the body copy of the page along with so basics about our other services. It's a little straight forward to say you are "the" Totowa jewelry store, but seriously, isn't that how you think of yourself?

Example #4:
"jewelry stores for Totowa, NJ"

The phrasing here might be a little tricky to use since you might not normally say "for". One suggestion is to have a sentence like this: "We're one of the best jewelry stores for Totowa, NJ area specializing in custom jewelry design." The grammar might not be correct, but it's a good variation of the local targeting.

Example #5:
"Voted the "Favorite Jewelry Store" and "Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring" in Totowa"

If you've won an award you certainly should tout it on your website. This could be a headline or part of the body copy on your About Us page.

Example #6:
"Our founder was Louis Perosi, Sr. of West Paterson, NJ."

Here's a phrase that's good for your About Us or Store History page. In this case we're not mentioning the store's town, but another local town the founder lived in. That's a good way to tap into other local areas.


Each of these examples should be used on your website. Don't try to squeeze them on a single page; instead use them on a few pages. Even though you have your jewelry store's address in the footer (you do, right?) it's still a good idea to sprinkle the address in the body copy every once in a while.
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