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Latest Web Browser Usage States on Jewelry Websites

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, which means most businesses are close. It's also Pentecost Monday which is widely celebrated throughout Europe, so most businesses are close there today too.

In honor of the holidays we're going to make this Daily Golden Nugget brief. After all, who wants to read one of our long posts on their day off?

Let's check in on some simple statistics about web browsers. We looked up two previous Nuggets to surface old browser usage data, and at the bottom we're showing you the most recent measurements.

We measure the various web browsers across several hundred jewelry websites, and this is what we've found...

Browser Usage Data on September 12, 2011:

48.7% Internet Explorer
21.4% Firefox
17.3% Safari
12.4% Chrome
0.3% Opera

Browser Usage Data As of February 22, 2012:

38.5% Internet Explorer
26.3% Safari
14.7% Firefox
12.1% Chrome
5.8% Android Browser
0.5% Opera
0.1% BlackBerry9700

Browser Usage Data As of May 27, 2012:

38.18% Internet Explorer
19.83% Safari
19.65% Firefox
12.01% Chrome
6.33% Android Browser
1.83% Mozilla Compatible Agent
0.88% Opera
0.49% SeaMonkey
0.21% Mozilla
0.21% Opera Mini

As you can see, our data collection methods are becoming more accurate. We now see additional browsers. Internet Explorer is losing ground, but so is Safari. Safari is the standard web browser for iPhone users, in addition to Mac desktops.

The Android Browser is gaining, which means people are trading in their iPhones for Android phones. The honeymoon is over; no one is automatically in love with their iPhone -just- because it's an iPhone, anymore.

The Mozilla Compatible Agent is a new player in our tracking. We dug a little deeper into that browser to find:

0.77% Mozilla Compatible Agent used on iPhones
0.66% Mozilla Compatible Agent used on Windows
0.29% Mozilla Compatible Agent used on iPads

So that's it for today. Keep these stats handy as you work on redesigns for your website over the next few months.

Three members of our jWAG team will be at JCK Las Vegas this week. We're looking for jewelers that have website questions that they'd like to ask on camera for our upcoming WebTV series. Let us know if you're interested.
AT: 05/28/2012 01:32:35 AM   LINK TO THIS GOLD NUGGET
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