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Email Server Location Can Hurt Your Marketing Open Rates

Here's a little more information about the internal workings of email marketing and what you need to consider before hiring someone.

We've see various statistics showing us that most marketing emails are read from 6am through 11am during the week days. Those early morning readers are probably using their smartphones, while the readers after 8:30am (local time) are probably reading at work.

Behinds the scenes of email technology there are a lot of wires that connect a lot of servers. And there are a lot of IT people who watch what's happening on those servers. Large and small companies alike spend a lot of effort trying to lower network maintenance costs.

Believe it or not, mass marketing emails are a huge waste of time for those IT people. We know this first hand because we also hate dealing with the daily security and spam issues. During a typical day around here our spam filter zaps 10,000 emails.

We have to look at the spam filter every day for anomalies. We look for identical spam emails and where they come from. We also look for reports of the same email address sending too many spam emails. In other words we're looking for single people that spam or points of origin that produce spam.

So far we've only had to block a hand full of people, but we've had to block Taiwan, Korea, Cuba, most of Africa, and most Asia because huge amounts of spam come from those countries.

Spam email from China is especially devious because hundreds of emails will arrive every few seconds when it starts. That's not actually spamming any more, but rather a hacking attack. That has to be blocked.

We're explaining this because you need to make sure that whoever you hire for email marketing uses equipment that's physically located inside your own country.

You may be mesmerized by someone's email marketing designs, but not be aware that they outsource their work to another country. From firsthand experience we will tell you that deliverability of emails is much greater to our own customer base when the emails original within the USA, rather than anywhere outside the country.

If your email open rates are low, it might not be because your marketing tactics are failing. Perhaps your emails are never reaching their destination.

Don't give up on email marketing. If it's not working for you simply switch to another company, but make sure you ask them where their actual email sending servers are located.
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