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3 Must Do Photo Sharing Techniques for Facebook

If you want to dazzle, impress, and eventually make a sale, you will need really good jewelry product photography on your website. Some jewelers get the photographs from vendors, but most jewelers who truly understand the web will take their own photos.

Posting photos on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ is a surefire way to increase interactions with your customers, and even increase sales. My strongest recommendation for photo sharing on Facebook is to share one of your product detail pages that has a really large, good looking jewelry photo. The more eye-popping the photo is, the more likely customers will click it from your FB Timeline. Post the page, not just the picture.

My second recommendation for photo sharing on Facebook is to post photos you took throughout the day in the store. As an example, you could take a photo of a customer trying on a pair of earrings. If the customer wants their identity protected you could take a close-up photo of just their cheek and ear instead of their full face. Take photos of a newly completed display; say who designed it.

You could create a mini-contest by using your smartphone to take a photo of your FedEx or UPS delivery person with a box in hand with the question "Guess what just arrived in our store. The first person to guess the correct designer wins a $20 gift card. The first person to guess the correct style of jewelry wins a $50 gift card. You can ask questions. Hint: We mentioned this in our July Email Newsletter."

If your delivery person is shy you could just take a photo of the unopened box sitting there on the counter. Or use an employee or a customer's cute kid holding the box.

If you were to use this strategy, I recommend adopting and using it on a regular basis. This would create a lot of user engagement on Facebook because:

1. You are posting a contest with an award.
2. You are telling people to ask questions that you will answer. That two-way interaction will increase your Facebook EdgeRank.
3. You're hinting to your July email newsletter, and as you do this, more often you will attract a few new newsletter signups.

My third recommendation for posting photos to Facebook is to occasionally take photos of the staff working around your store. A photo of real work at the bench will certainly be interesting for fans. You could post a photo of an employee setting up in the morning with the message "We'll be opening at 10am today, stop in and see the new jewelry that Janice is putting in the case."

Far too many times I see jewelry stores just posting nice photos of rings. Although pretty, this is not the best use of your posts. Remember, Facebook is a social place so mix up the stale image posts with the ideas I've given you above.

When posting photos, remember the Internet photo hierarchy: adorable animals, then people, then places, then things.
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