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How to Build Google Plus Followers for Jewelers

To close out the week I'm giving you some direct suggestions on using Google+ for your retail jewelry store.

I'd like to start by recapping what I mentioned yesterday, in that Google+ can be, and will be your social media network for making connections that will turn into money. This is for business. I say this because your friends on Facebook are perfectly happy socializing and wishing everyone a TGIF; why would they migrate to Google+ just to do the same?

On all social networks you attract the people who are interested in what you talk about. If you're engaging in conversations about common every day things like sports, food, weather, and politics then you will probably attract friends and followers who simply like to socialize. But if you keep your social posts focused on your products and services, then people will find you when they are in need or interested.

So let's make sure you are talking about the right things. Most of what you post to Google+ needs to be consistent with you, your image, and you brand. 80% of the information you share on Google+ should be on your topic, or related to you and your business in some way.

Unless otherwise indicated, you are always sharing content through your Google+ business page.

Your shares to G+ should start with links to your own website. Show off individual jewelry styles by sharing a single product detail page, or share a link to your Proposal Ideas page when it gets close to Valentine's Day. Did you just make a big change to your home page? Then announce it through a Google+ Share.

Don't get caught up sharing only your own web pages, you also need to post information from other people and places. As you casually browse the web, Google+, and Facebook, keep on the lookout for things that are consistent with your image and brand. Share what you find. Although sharing things from around the web won't build a lot of interest right away, for that you need to create a method to engage and attract attention.

Unless you're already a renowned author, actor, or public figure of some type you won't have an immediate way to attract attention and build a following. But nothing is stopping you from engaging the following of others who do have it. Here's how...

Search for people or other businesses that might be of interest to the types of customers you would like to attract. Look for luxury brands, jewelry designers, local popular places, your town's mayor, vacation destinations, celebrities, etc. Your business page can't circle people unless they've already circled your page, so you should circle each of these people/pages with your personal account; it will be much easier to manage. Create a special circle called "Attraction," or perhaps "LOA" for Law of Attraction.

On a regular basis view the stream of the LOA circle for any Google+ activity that your customers will be interested in, and then share that activity using your Business Page.

Here are my exact steps

1. Log into Google+ with your personal account.

2. View the LOA Stream using your personal account, looking for shares that you believe your target audience will be interested in. Remember, target customers and not target friends.

3. Once you find a qualified post you will need to share it privately to your +Page. Unless you share it this way you would have to manually go back and find these posts again using your business account. Sharing it was the fastest method I could come up with. This also creates a queue of posts for you to publish at a later time instead of all at once.

4. Switch over to your +Page account and look for all the private shared posts you sent yourself. Each post should say "So-and-so originally shared this post." The word "post" will be a link that you need to click so you can view the original post as your +Page. Once you view it, click the +1 button for that post and then reshare the post to the public. Make sure to also add your own commentary to the share.

5. Go back to your personal account and then +1 and reshare the post you just created as your page.

Those steps may sound convoluted, and you will have to work through them a few times before you truly get it. The original people and pages will notice when you reshare and +1 as your +Page. They might even reply to you and hopefully they will eventually circle you.

The goal here is to engage with all the friends of your LOA circle. The people following them are your target, not the LOA group. Those target people will eventually notice you as you continually engage each LOA member, and your target people will engage you without realizing this was all just a marketing strategy.

When you use this technique on Facebook you can reach thousands of users through the various feeds. When you use this technique on Google+ you not only generate interest on Plus, but those engagements extend into the Google SERP. The ultimate goal is to influence the search results pages in a way that no one will realize, and to increase your bottom line.

I know this is a tough Nugget to crack and understand, but it's worth it.

Oh, and TGIF
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