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Write an Email Once, Reuse it On Your Website

In the last few days I've give you several business building ideas and methods to use email marketing. Now it time to take those emails and make money with them for the next two years... yes, 2 years.

My point of view is that each of your customer emails should be more editorial content than just images with a coupon or sale announcement. The daily emails that I send out are pure editorial content without any graphics because they are intended to be educational, but for your jewelry store you should try a few different formats of emails to see what your response rate will be.

As a retail store you should avoid 100% text emails and you should avoid 100% image emails. Somewhere in between is the perfect balance for your store.

Successful emails typically include blurbs of text but also nice looking "creatives," which is a fancy way of saying photography or artwork. The text blurbs don't have to be 300 words or more like a blog post, they can be just a few sentences to entice people with a "click to read more" link.

Sending an email shouldn't be a random afternoon task. You should plan how it fits into your overall marketing. The email could announce a recent blog post, an event, promotions, and new jewelry. The jewelry needs a nice looking photo graph, and the promotion might also have artwork. On the other hand the event and blog announcement should both have several sentences of text.

Assuming you structure your emails like that it will take several hours to pull it all together. You will need to write a summary of the blog and details of the event. You could also write ad copy for the new jewelry and promotions in addition to the artwork. Believe it or not, an email composed like this qualifies as new content for your website, so why not use it?

Composing a good email takes a lot of time. You might send it out to 2000 email subscribers, but only 100 read it. After all that work it's very disappointing to see so few people are reading. But there's hope.

Take that email and archive it on your website. Create a special "Newsletters" section of your site, separate from the blogging area, and post all your emails inside that. Post the entire email even though in a few months the promotion will be out of date and the event will be over. Google loves this content!

Google loves this content so much that it will attract at least 60 new visitors to your website ever month. Within 2 months you already have more readers of that 1 email than actually originally opened it. Within a year you have more than 720 organic visitors and within 2 years you have more than 1440 visitors.

Google rewards websites that post new information on a regular basis. That could be blogging, or it could be copies of well thought out email campaigns.

The bottom line of today's Daily Golden Nugget is that you should never think of any online marketing campaign as a free standing silo. Everything fits together nicely if you just take a little extra time to figure out how, and you should never work with one method of online marketing without thinking about how the same work can be reused again and again.
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