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Tuning Page Titles and Meta Descriptions to Increase Click Throughs

Tuning Page Titles and Meta Descriptions to Increase Click Throughs 7529-daily-golden-nugget-677Many people talk about search engine optimization as the process to tweak your website so search engines will spider it and index it easily. Hopefully when someone local searches for an "engagement ring" you will appear in the search results.

However, you also need to add a bit of marketing flair when writing your page title tag and the meta description for each page.

In the past I've said that you need to keep your page title tags short in order to have the best chances to create Google Sitelinks, but if you are not worried about Sitelinks you should consider a title tag that has marketing value.

Users have 10 choices to choose from on page 1 of the search results. They don't always choose the first option; sometimes they gravitate directly to the option that exactly matches the phrase they typed in. Other times they are attracted to a description which resonates with their needs.

Every page of your website should have a specific purpose of explaining one topic or service. You should never commingle topics on a single page because multiple topics allows Google too much leeway in deciding if they should display your page or not.

If you dedicate every page on your website to a single topic, and if you have a good SEO strategy, Google's search algorithm will ecstatically display your page in the results. But as I said, there are still 10 choices on the home page.

Somehow you have to get the click... and that's where that marketing flair comes into play.

With a dedicated single topic, you can compose a page title and a meta description which will explain exactly what the page is about. You need to keep the page title under 67 characters, otherwise it will be truncated, and you need to keep the meta description under 150 characters otherwise that will also be truncated.

Exactly what will they find on this page? Exactly what is the benefit of them visiting this page? Will they be satisfied when they visit this page?

This is not hard to do, unless you are cramming more than 1 topic onto a page. HINT: Your Store Services page is a good example of an commingled failure of topics.

The process of splitting your content into separate pages and specifically crafting your page titles and meta descriptions will not only improve your click through rates from search results, but they should also lower your bounce rates.

In case you are not aware, Google uses click through rates and bounce rates as a ranking factor of your website. Google always wants to provide relevant search results to users. Google will deem your web page less relevant if no one clicks on it for the 100 times that you appeared on page 1. On the other hand, they will also consider your page less relevant if 10 people click and all 10 people bounce.

It's always better to split content up and create new pages when you have the opportunity to do so. Always add new content to your website; never delete it.

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