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Choosing the Right Keywords

Choosing the Right Keywords 4095-daily-golden-nugget-706Everyone likes a money making keyword. You know; those words or phrases that usually mean you will make some money today. A good example of a money phrase would be "who's a good jeweler to buy an engagement ring from?"

Now, if you're new to the whole jewelry website SEO game (that's search engine optimization) then you might think that the 2 money words from the previous question are actually only "engagement ring," but you'd be wrong.

Everyone usually thinks that they should target the words "engagement ring" in their online marketing. You could pay Google AdWords to target that phrase, or including the phrase on your website more than 100 times on every page of their website. Have you ever seen a website where the same word is repeated over and over again in the side navigations and in the top menus, and then again at the title and heading of every page? That's a serious overuse of the same targeted keyword.

That over usage method will get your website zapped from the rankings instead of improving your ranking.

There are also other occasions when you might wish that your website appears in the search result for a particular keyword or phrase, but it doesn't. Perhaps you want your website to rank for the Frederic Duclos silver designer line when someone in your town searches for that name. The only way you can rank for "Frederic Duclos" is if you include that name (i.e. keyword phrase) on your website. This would at least require a few pages of written descriptions.

When choosing keywords, one of the things you need to watch out for are words with duplicate meaning. Words with duplicate meaning will often times attract the wrong types of visitors. You certainly don't want the wrong types of visitors if you are paying for online advertising.

As an example, when writing product descriptions or blog posts about Pandora charms you should do your best to use the phrases "Pandora jewelry," "Pandora charms," "Pandora bracelets," and "Pandora beads" instead of the name "Pandora" by itself. Google will understand that you are selling jewelry and it will not send you website visitors that are searching for "Pandora's Box" or "Pandora Radio."

Another common confusion involves the phrase "wedding band." For the average jeweler that phrase brings to mind thoughts of a round piece of metal you put on a finger, but it also refers to the people you hire to perform live music at a wedding.

The bottom line of today's Nugget is to always carefully select the keywords you target on your website. It's not simple, and you should put some thought into how keywords impact your online marketing.

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