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Quality Blogging and Linking 1265-daily-golden-nugget-708Attracting people to your website requires a lot of different search engine optimization techniques. The best technique for success lately comes from publishing a lot of information online through your blog.

Through your blog you have complete control over what websites you link to and how you craft your anchor text to link to other pages on your website.

In 2012 many SEO professionals presented their research showing how Google will view your blog as a high quality website or a low quality website based on what types of other websites you link to. Spammy websites seem to have an identifiable linking pattern to lots of random websites, but high quality websites tend to link to other high quality websites. Linking to and would be high quality, but linking to eHow or Yahoo Answers would not.

High quality websites have a higher trust factor, which you can gain for yourself if you write well thought out blogs and only link your posts to trustworthy sites. Let me reiterate that: It is important to have both high quality writing and linking to other high quality websites.

Blending those 2 techniques together will result in higher ranking for various long tail keyword phrases. As your blogging momentum builds you will start to attract random links from people who found your blog useful. Although these random links probably won't be from the same high quality site you are linking to, the fact that people are linking to you is important.

Let me tell you a story to explain exactly how this has worked in the past... Back in 2003, before the internet became littered with information about the 4C's of diamonds, my staff and I crafted a version of the 4C's using our own words to explain them. We also did our own photography and artwork. We offered these 4Cs to our jewelers as part of our website programming services and published them on our website for people to see.

Sometime later I was reviewing a list of all the websites that linked to our site and found an odd gaming forum that was linking to our 4C's page. After reverse tracking the link I discovered that two online gamers got into a heated discussion about the value of diamonds within the game they were playing. One of the gamers wanted to make a point about diamonds so he posted a hyperlink from the game's forum to our 4C's page.

Although many forum links are auto-generated by spamming systems, this type of forum link was completely legitimate.

The point there is that you can collect inbound links from random websites for random reasons. Your reputation and your inbound "link profile" will grow as long as you write quality blogs and link to other high quality website.

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