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4 Tactics to Boost Clicks from Facebook Posts

4 Tactics to Boost Clicks from Facebook Posts 9994-daily-golden-nugget-741I'd like to share a dirty little secret with you today... It doesn't matter how many people follow your Facebook Business Page; what matters is how many of your followers will convert to customers.

I recently shared some of my findings on the best times to post to social networks in order to get people to click back to your website. I compiled that information from 6 months worth of tracking data. Although that Nugget explained the best times, it didn't correlate the engagements on the individual social networks to the number of people that clicked the link back to the website.

I've collected a lot of data about Facebook and I have compared their "Reach" and "Engaged User" Insights to what I've measured on websites. What I've found, and been able to reproduce is that your overall Facebook engagements doesn't correlate with how people click to your website. In other words, you can have hundreds or thousands of people see a Facebook post yet no one clicks over to your website. Conversely, you might only reach 90 people with a post, but 14 of them click to your website.

At this point I'd like to reiterate one of my website philosophies, in that you need to get people off social networks and back to your website in order to convert them into an eventual paying customer. Each social network sets their own rules and methods, and people use them to socialize.

On the other hand, customers who visit your website are one step closer to opening up to the possibility of buying, and that's what your goal is, right?

As it turns out, getting people to jump from Facebook to your website is easy if you use certain tactics in your status posts along with the website link.

Here are the tactics I've found that produce repeatable results:

1. Indicate a specific number of things they need to know. For example "4 household items that will destroy your jewelry"

2. Say something that will potentially save them from trouble. For example "avoid this time waster"

3. Tell someone they will get "valuable information" on your website.

4. Use the words "how to" or "tips" in the post, but make sure the website page you link to actually has How-To information on it.

These 4 suggestions have nothing to do with how Facebook shows your posts to people. These ideas will work for you regardless if you have 100 people who like your page or 7000.

By the way, if you are going to try these tactics then you should also be thinking about your bounce rates.

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