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How To Do Basic Keyword Research

How To Do Basic Keyword Research 6821-daily-golden-nugget-761In today's Daily Golden Nugget, I want to explain how you can make your website appear in the search engine results for any keyword phrase. I'll give you some steps to break it down.

I'm going to use the designer Le Vian as my example, but you can use any designer name as you follow these steps.

Step 1:
Assume that you have the designer line Le Vian in your store, but your website doesn't appear in the search engines for that name. A Google search for "Le Vian" along with your town name produces zero results for you. The first step in this process is to actually realize that your website doesn't appear in the results for all the designer names and phrases you might hope for.

Step 2:
Compile a list of phrases that relate to the designer Le Vian. There are many online tools for keyword research, but as a beginner, the easiest to use is the regular Google search.

Go to and start typing "le vian" into the search box. Pay attention to the suggestions that Google gives you in their drop down menu. On my screen I see these suggestions:
* levian bridal
* le vian earrings

Those are the first 2 phrases that I'm adding to my list. I complete the search for just "le vian" then scroll all the way to the bottom of Google's results. Down there I see several more plausible phrases including:
* le vian chocolate diamonds
* le vian history
* le vian engagement rings
* le vian jewelry
* le vian aquamarine ring
* le vian watches

I then do the search one more time, but this time I use "levian" instead of "le vian." Scrolling to the bottom of the Google search results I find these similar phrases:
* levian engagement rings
* levian rings
* levian chocolate diamonds
* levian jewelry on sale
* levian jewelry
* levian bridal

Step 3:
In total I have 13 different keyword phrases that you could potentially target on your website. For clarity you should reorganize them like this:
* le vian engagement rings (1)
* levian engagement rings (1)
* le vian chocolate diamonds (2)
* levian chocolate diamonds (2)
* le vian jewelry (3)
* levian jewelry (3)
* levian rings (4)
* levian jewelry on sale (5)
* levian bridal (6)
* le vian history (7)
* le vian aquamarine ring (8)
* le vian watches (9)
* le vian earrings (10)

Take notice how Google didn't suggest "le vian bridal" or "levian earrings." This might be because very few people search for those permutations of those phrases. Believe me, the spaces do matter. The numbers represent the groupings of keywords.

Ignore any phrases don't apply to your store.

Step 4:
Now you need to add a page to your website that has the page title "Le Vian Engagement Rings" along with a write-up of at least 300 words, 400 would be better. In that write-up you also need to include the "LeVian engagement rings" variation of the phrase. You could do this as a blog post, or you could do it as another page of your site. However you do it, make sure to include photos and maybe even a video of those engagement rings.

Over time you would then add additional Le Vian pages to your site for all the above phrases. I suggest adding no more than 1 new Le Vian page per week, perhaps every other week. According to the numbers I indicated above you could have (10) different blog posts, which means it would take 5 months to add this basic Le Vian content to your website.

Although some content pages might seem similar, like "Le Vian Rings" and "Le Vian Engagement Rings" you should do your best to write different content for each page.

You should see your website appear somewhere in the search results after the first few blogs are posted to your site. You should see even better results after the 5 month process.

What I've just explained are the basic tactics to fleshing your website out for a specific designer name. This is the same process that anyone would use to build up content on their website for any specific keyword phrase.

In tomorrow's Nugget I'm going to take this even further and show you how to use a different technique to target customers more accurately with content writing and blogging.

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