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Recap of Several Content Creation Strategies

Recap of Several Content Creation Strategies 7924-daily-golden-nugget-924First, I'd like to apologize to everyone who felt I walloped them over the head with yesterday's Daily Golden Nugget. My suppositions and conclusions were not completely unfounded. I like to research and analyze data before I publish my real findings. Sometimes, like yesterday, I write these Nuggets based on my extensive internet experience, which now spans 21 years on the "web" and 26 years "online."

I don't want any of my readers to think the sky is falling, or that the internet as they know it is coming to an end. In that regard, today I'm reviewing a few of my previously published Nuggets which explain how powerful a long term content creation plan is and different procedures that can be followed to either grow, or manage, your website and online business identity.

Longer is Better

In December 2013, I wrote two Nuggets back to back explaining what counts as your longterm content creation plan and the ROI of a long term plan. Both are good to help you understand why you need a longterm plan rather than a shortcut plan to top ranking.

Prove You're An Expert

Google gives you the ability to prove how good you are when you publish very long articles. Depending on the subject of your article, it can appear as part of a special section in the SERPs called In-Depth Articles. You can read more about that here.

Write Website Content That Really Describes Who You Are

Every business owner should know what their mission statement is, or their unique selling proposition. Whatever you want to call it, how would you explain what it is that you do, to someone in person? There's a specific way you should go about writing about yourself. I explained it back in October 2013, and you can revisit that Nugget here.

That one has specific steps that should be easy to follow.

How Should Do The SEO and SEM Work?

Figuring out who should be in charge of your online marketing is difficult. Should you have someone in-house do it, or hire an agency?

Shortly after Google announced their new Hummingbird engine, I put together a 2-part Daily Nugget to show you how the duties could break down. This is the link to the first part. I felt so strongly about this one that I even recorded a video for it here:

Easy Content Creation About Your Designers

Your website can't survive with information about you alone. It needs to have a good balance of different topics, products, services, and the brands you carry. I've written many times about the importance of including all the designer names you carry on your website. If you do carry specific designer brands, you should read this Nugget to see how you can convert their press-kit into valuable information for your website.

Extensive Multi-Media Content Creation

My most recent, and perhaps my most in-depth content creation strategy was presented just last week. In this Nugget I explained how you can use your next custom jewelry project to build a lot of multi-media content that can be used on your website, YouTube, social networks, blogs, and even as newsletters to your customers.

I loaded a lot of details in there to illustrate how you would have to bring in the talents of many different people over the life of a single content creation project. The steps I outlined could be repeated for others and over again to produce a continual stream of new, customer engaging content.

You should easily be able to apply the same steps to in-store events, contests, large jewelry repairs, and even the everyday process of choosing beads for someone's first Pandora bracelet.

In Conclusion

Although the content creation process does take a long time, each of the previous Nuggets I referenced today will help you establish a good system of your own content creation. Let me be clear in saying that these are "systems" and not shortcuts.

Anyone who offers inexpensive, quick methods of website ranking is likely using a shortcut method that was somehow automated... Computers are great, and automating them can cut the cost of human labor, but Google is working very hard to penalize sites that use these shortcuts.

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