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2014 Holiday Keyword Report for Repairs, Watches, & Services

2014 Holiday Keyword Report for Repairs, Watches, & Services daily-golden-nugget-1168-52
In this edition of the Daily Golden Nugget, I'll provide some research based information about mobile keyword search data collected during the 2014 Holiday Season.

Cross reference your own sales figures and website analytics against this data, and use it to improve your future marketing. The findings here should be useful to you all year long, but especially as you start planning your website content and marketing for the 2015 Holiday Season.

My analysis today will focus on a number of mobile search impressions that were recorded for the following keywords:

* repairs
* watches
* appraisals

This is the 4th part in my keyword data analysis series and I'm using the same pie charts as my previous Nugget.


In the pie chart below, you'll see how I grouped the collected keyword data. The grouping for "repair" is a small piece of the pie at only 1.62% and the pie slice for the "watches" group is 6.44%. Please refer to the links at the bottom of this Nugget to read the analysis of the other keywords.

2014 Holiday Keyword Report for jewelry repairs and watches - keyword impressions mobile

Repair Phrases

Here's a list of repair related phrases that mobile users were searching for during the holiday season:

* jewelry repair near me
* jewelry repair shops near me
* jewelry repair stores near me
* jewelry repair {city/county/location name}
* diamond ring repair
* eyeglasses repair

The first 3 phrases in that list were searched for the most, and the average ranking position for the measured sites was below 3. In order for you to rank for these search phrases you must have these phrases on your website. If not the exact phrase, then the words need to be close to one another in a sentence so Google's algorithm can correctly associate your page to the search query.

Notice the 4th phrase above includes the location designator. What I found interesting is that the users were clicking on the phrases only when the town, state, or county was mentioned as part of the query. My supposition is that the first 3 phrases are more researched based while the location query indicates a need for an immediate action.

The best way to use this information is to adjust the pages on your website that mention jewelry repair. Make sure you include the exact phrase of jewelry repair in town name in the written details on your page. You could also dedicate a repair page on your website and simply use Jewelry Repair Town Name | Jewelry Repair County Name as the page title.

Watch Phrases

Here's a list of watch related phrases that mobile users were searching for during the holiday season:

* {brand name} watches
* repair watch
* watch battery
* watch battery replacement
* watch engraving
* watch repair
* watch repair {city/county/location name}
* watch repair shops
* watch repair stores
* watch repair near me
* watch stores

The biggest category of watch phrases was those including brand specific names, like Citizen, Rolex, and Tag Heuer. Like designer jewelry, you should always include watch brand names on your website along with appropriate write-ups and a product catalog when possible.

Just like all the phrases that appear in reports like this, in order for your website to rank for these phrases, you must make sure to include them somewhere on your website.

Even though the word "watch" appeared in 6.44% of my captured search impressions it was clicked on only 0.58% of the time by mobile users. The most popular phrases included those in the "watch repair {city/county/location}" group.

Appraisal Phrases

There were very few mobile searches for the word "appraisal" or associated phrases. Here are the few that appeared in the data set:

* jewelry appraisal
* jewelry appraisal {city/county/location name}
* jewelry appraiser
* jewelry appraisers near me

This is the first time I'm noticing the word "appraiser" in the captured data, but that might be because the data sample I collected this time is so large.

I found it interesting that the mobile user was searching for "appraisers near me" but "appraisals near me" did not appear in the list. I will attribute this to the personal need and point of view of the person searching. An analogy might be that, if I need to speak to someone about getting work done on my car I might search for an "auto mechanic," but if I need to get my car repaired I would search for "car repair."

It all depends on the user's needs.

Check the appraisal details you have on your website and rewrite it to include the "appraisal" service phrases as well as the "appraiser" job related phrases.

Engraving Phrases

The sample set of data including the word "engraving" or variations of it is really small. Here are the phrases I was able to measure from mobile search:

* engraved jewelry
* engraving jewelry
* jewelry engraving
* jewelry engraver

If engraving is one of your value added services then you should spruce up a dedicated page on your website to explain what you can do and show samples of your work. Make sure to include the above phrases in the casual explanation of the service as well as your location information.

This is the 4th in a series of Daily Golden Nuggets presenting some deep keyword research data from the 2014 Holiday Season for retail jewelers. I've included links to the previous Nuggets below.

1. Keyword Impressions and Clicks for desktop search queries
2. Holiday Diamond and Engagement Ring Mobile Keyword Data
3. Holiday Jewelry Store and Jewelers Mobile Keyword Data

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