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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Secure Certificates and SSL: Growing Importance of HTTPS Secure Websites

Secure Certificates and SSL: Growing Importance of HTTPS Secure Websites daily-golden-nugget-1282-17
It's been about a year since Google announced that having a secure website would be a ranking signal. A secure website is one that uses "https://" as the URL instead of "http://."

I hate it that most web browsers hide the "http" part of a URL in the address bar, but I recognize that it helps make the internet more understandabl...

AT: 06/23/2015 12:18:32 PM   0 COMMENTS
Friday, June 06, 2014

Rogers Jewelers Website Review

Rogers Jewelers Website Review 9859-daily-golden-nugget-1010
This is the Friday Website Review edition of the Daily Golden Nugget. The goal of today is to pick the website of a random retail jeweler and review it for either search engine optimization, usability, technical errors, or countless numbers of other issues.

This review is not intended to solicit business from the candidate jeweler that I find, but simply so others can learn from the analysis process.

Today I'm using the Chrome browser in incognito mode to search for the phrase "jewelers in evansville India...

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jewelry Website Programming: Security & Product Pricing

Jewelry Website Programming: Security & Product Pricing 9076-daily-golden-nugget-972Today is tax day in the USA: the day that many people distain because they have to pay taxes while still others dream of all the things they desire to get with their tax return money.

The US government hopes that the economy will be stimulated by all the people who spend their tax refunds. No doubt that much of that money will be spent through e-commerce websites.

It's therefore fitting that I should review some of the situations surrounding the setup of e-commerc...

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Securing Your Website with SSL

Securing Your Website with SSL 2387-daily-golden-nugget-662Thinking of starting your own e-commerce website? You will need a secure socket layer certificate, otherwise known as an SSL certificate, or just "SSL" for short.

Secure certificates create an encrypted connection between your website and a web browser. Through this encrypted connection, information can be passed between your web server and the web browser without worry that a website hacker will be able to steal credit card numbers or other personal information.

SSL certificates come in many variations depending on which securi...

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