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Increase User Friendliness, Decrease Google Bounce Rate

The way you build your website directly effects how customers will respond to it. A product catalog site will not satisfy customers looking for custom design rings and a website with pages of information about designers will not satisfy customers looking to buy online.

Since Google is a machine, it doesn't exactly know what people are looking for when they search.

Someone searching for "Claude Thibaudeau Rings" might be looking for information or maybe a photo of the ring their friend was wearing; but they could also be searching for a place to buy a ring online.

Since Google doesn't actually know the intent of the searcher, it can only guesstimate results. The search results will return all answers with the best ranking for the phrase "Claude Thibaudeau Rings." Those results could be e-commerce sites, blog websites or designer line pages that you have on your own website.

What happens next is interesting, and could work against you. If the visitor doesn't like your website they will click the back button, which Google measures as a bounce from your website. If you have a lot of bounces for "Claude Thibaudeau Rings" Google will decrease your ranking for that phrase.

So how do you combat this situation? The answer is with your design and features of your website. Here are some specific examples:

For e-commerce sites
On the product catalog pages put a notice that says "read more about Claude Thibaudeau rings" and link that to a long description page about the designer.
Then on those long description pages you need to put links that go to the product catalog.

For non e-commerce sites
On the long description pages you need to put a link that says "ordering information" and link that to a page that says they should call or set up an appointment. If some items need to be pre-ordered for them to see, then you should say that, too. Don't just link to your normal contact page.

Google measures bounce rate by how quickly someone clicks the browser back button after visiting your website. The only way to decrease the bounce rate and increase the amount of time they stay on your site is to give the visitor some links to click on. Those links mean more clicks and that translates to a longer stay and of course more of a chance to convert them into a customer.

Everything explained here not only decreases your bounce rate but also makes your website more user-friendly.
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