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How Do You Target Blogs To Specific Customers Intent?

How Do You Target Blogs To Specific Customers Intent? 7234-daily-golden-nugget-762In today's Daily Golden Nugget I want to explain how you can take a bunch of keyword phrases and expand upon how you attract customers who are interested in buying. This is a type of customer targeting and even customer segmentation.

I'm going to start with this keyword list for Le Vian jewelry that I build in yesterday's nugget:

* le vian engagement rings
* le vian chocolate diamonds
* le vian jewelry
* le vian rings
* le vian jewelry on sale
* le vian bridal

That's only 6 phrases related to Le Vian that Google suggested as phrases. In terms of targeting your customers, when you write a blog post about each of those phrases you are only targeting customers in a very broad sense. Your blog about "Le Vian Engagement Rings" may appear in the SERPs for people looking for information about Le Vian and those looking to buy, but you won't ever know which they are.

With a little change in your blogging technique you can better target only the people seriously interested in buying...

There are several types of questions that people ask search engines all the time. You can take any keyword phrase and build answers to those questions. Here are some fill in the blank questions you can use:

Best __________ for {some purpose}
Best place to buy _____________
Where to find _____________
Where do I buy ______________
Who sells ____________

Now we can take one of the phrases above and insert it like this:

1. Best Le Vian Jewelry for a wedding
2. Best place to buy Le Vian Jewelry
3. Where to find Le Vian Jewelry
4. Where do I buy Le Vian Jewelry
5. Who sells Le Vian Jewelry

You would then answer each of those 5 questions as a fully thought out reply, naturally favoring your store or website. Each rely is then posted to your website.

Some hints for answering those questions correctly:
* Try not to repeat the same information in each one. You may be tempted to, but try not to.
* Stick to answering the question, and write as much as you need to provide a fully fleshed out answer of more than 200 words.
* Use photos.
* Don't use the same photos in each answer
* The page title should match the question

As a bonus hint you should also name the photo to the question, or even the answer. For example, for #5 you could name the image "who-sells-le-vian-jewelry.jpg" or you could name it "perosi-jewelers-sells-le-vian-jewelry.jpg."

As people become more educated about the internet more and more of them are opening their search engine of choice and typing in complete questions instead of 2 or 3 word phrases. These people have very specific intent and your very specific blog posts would perfectly resonate with them.

There are plenty of other types of questions that people type into search engines all the time. You might even find a few if you look closely at your own Google Analytics reports.

In tomorrow's Daily Golden Nugget I'll explain a similar process for better targeting paid advertising through Google AdWords.

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