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Google+ posting as a profile or page...

Google+ posting as a profile or page... 2655-daily-golden-nugget-986

In this edition of the Google+ Monday Daily Golden Nugget, I will give you some examples of when to use a Profile vs. when to use a Page on Google+.

Your Google+ Page is where you should establish your corporate identity and your Google+ Profile is where you will be yourself and share what's important to you.

When you think about it that way, it seems completely obvious that everything related to your jewelry store should be posted through your business +Page. However, let me throw some other social media factors at you.

Time and time again, I am seeing failed attempts at business marketing through social networking. Naturally the idea of business marketing is to generate some type of sales for you. Regretfully, it's taken years for many internet marketing agencies to realize that you can't forcibly advertise through social media and expect sales.

I've tried several variations of paid ads through Facebook, hoping to make massive sales like so many experts were reporting. Every paid attempt at advertising something for sale ended in failure. That's not to say that Facebook is a bad place to pay for an ad, it just means that the expectations to sell as a direct result of a paid ad were set way too high.

So if you're not trying to sell something through your business page, regardless if you're on Facebook or Google+, you have to figure out how to be socially interactive with your customers. Your business page can develop a life of its own if you frequently post something with human interest, rather than just posting jewelry or the latest special.

Let me get into some specifics of how to use your Page and Profile...

Designers should post as their profile so they can build interest in their skills, designs, and most importantly, brand their name as the jewelry designer. Each designer has a passion for what they create and that passion should be shared to their personal profile.

Likewise, each jewelry store owner will have a passion about their individual store. As the store owner, you can evaluate new jewelry, discuss remodeling, moving, or tell a story about a recent experience of helping a couple choose their wedding rings. Each of these is personal in nature, but they are also related to the business; make sure to +Mention your business page when sharing those business related posts.

On the other hand, it's probably wise to set your jewelry store employees as +Page Managers and let them post store related updates to the business page. Those same employees could then reshare the page's post to their personal profile to help reach more people.

In fact, I was just looking at a situation where a jewelry e-tailer shared a beautiful photo of a diamond and sapphire halo engagement ring. Within a few hours of the page posting the photo with a message, they had 3 employees reshare it to their own network of friends.

Even though I had no direct connection with that reshared post, it made it into my "What's Hot" stream on Google+ within 24 hours. Google+ has its own way of determining who sees what, even if you are not connected with the people sharing the post. It started with a beautiful photo of that sapphire and diamond ring and 3 reshares by employees. It snowballed into more than 20 other people resharing it and more than 50 +1's the last time I looked at it.

The point is that you can post as your page, then ask employees to reshare the content to the public and their extended network.

This next point is not a hard rule, but it has a lot of support from the marketing community of Google+... Don't share original content, or reshare someone else's content without adding a comment. Explain why you like it, or why your friends should take a moment to expand the post and read it fully.

When sharing, always make sure to use proper tenses and your voice.

Let's say you are the bench jeweler that just finished a repair. You could post a photo of that repair and say "I did this" to your personal profile. You probably should include some interesting details on what it is and how easy or difficult the job was for you. Again, make sure to +mention the jewelry store's page name.

On the other hand, if you are the social media manager for the jewelry store's page, and you are posting that same photo, you would say something like "This is one of the repairs that came out of our shop today." You would include additional details as well, but the post will include "we" and "our" instead of "I," "mine," and "me."

The first person point of view through a Profile naturally creates a non salesy approach, whereas the forceful social media marketing attempts by brands in the past has created a bit of "brand blindness" with regard to noticing what a business Page is posting socially.

Ultimately, you do have to experiment with different methods of posting to Google+. You have to keep trying different approaches until people start commenting on, and resharing your posts.

The beauty of Google+ (for the moment anyway) is that they do not prevent users from seeing your shared content like Facebook does. Every user has the ability to choose if they want to see your social postings. Use the above ideas for posting until you find the best strategy that works for your jewelry business.

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