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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Don't Apologize For The Delay Between Blog Posts

Dont Apologize For The Delay Between Blog Posts daily-golden-nugget-1492-84
Stop apologizing for not updating your blog! That's it! Just stop it!

Throughout my entire career writing these Golden Nuggets, I have explained over and over again how important it is to have an active blog on your website. The basic goal of your blog is to provide good information to customers who want to know more about a topic.

The blog on your website is a good place to publish information that doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the pages on your site. Most webmasters spend a lot of time tw...

AT: 04/12/2016 06:53:01 AM   0 COMMENTS
Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Should I Deactivate My Website When Taking A Hiatus From Working?

Should I Deactivate My Website When Taking A Hiatus From Working? daily-golden-nugget-1477-20
Within the jewelry industry, I often hear about jewelry designers who take a break and put their business on hold while they reconsider their artistic direction or go back to school for additional training. Although it might seem like a simple idea to put a business on hold, how you present yourself online during your hiatus could have positive or negative ramifications on your future livelihood.

I've spoken to many jewelry designers who had a rough start with their busines...

AT: 03/22/2016 12:38:06 PM   0 COMMENTS
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-Ann, Gallery 4, Hamden CT

"...serious kudos to you. We love your straight talk, pertinent information and plain language. I don't know how many industries have something of jWAG's caliber available, but I learn from the emails every day. Really, really nice work, and very appreciated."
-Cheryl Herrick, Global Pathways Jewelry