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Email Marketing vs Facebook Marketing

Blogging Sub-Domains vs. Blogging Sub-Directories 7340-daily-golden-nugget-742So how's your email list coming along?

I've found that most retail jewelers are not collecting email addresses; but not because they don't want to, rather, because they don't have a system in place to create, manage, or send frequent emails.

Those who are collecting emails rarely send out newsletters, again, because they don't know how to manage a process or what to say.

This Daily Golden Nugget won't go into actually telling you how to collect email addresses since you can find that info here. I also have 4 previous Nugget you can read about email marketing, email ideas, promoting through email, and of course archiving email on your website.

Today I just want to give you some basic results about email marketing as I've been tracking it for the last 6 months compared to posts to social networks.

Successful Facebook marketing is a combination of posting at the right time of day with the right message. Figuring out the best time of day is difficult, or you can just read this post and see what I found. The right message is also a little tricky to figure out, or you can just read this post for my best message tips.

Email marketing also comes with its own set of timing issues. I've found that the best time is early morning between 5am and 6am. Your readers are more likely to peruse your email on their smartphone early in the morning before their day gets busy. Although you will need an interesting subject line in order to get them to open it.

Here's what I found when I compare 5am emails to the highest performing afternoon Facebook posts:

* Facebook users are 10% more likely to click a link to your website.

* 2.5% of your targeted email users will click to your website for every email you send.

* 0.4% of Facebook users per are likely to un-Like your page as a result of a highly targeted post.

* 0.2% of those signed up on your email list will unsubscribe.

* Facebook users will stay on your website for about 30 seconds.

* Email users will stay on your website for about 50 seconds.

* Facebook will attract potential new customers.

* Those on your email list have already converted, perhaps even previously purchased. They should be easier to sell to.

Remember that the above statistics are for the highest performing Facebook posts.

All the data suggests that you will have a consistent return on your investment with email marketing than Facebook posts. There's too much randomness on Facebook and the usability of the system will change again and again.

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