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These Old Daily Nuggets Are Now Rubbish

These Old Daily Nuggets Are Now Rubbish daily-golden-nugget-1077-98
Seventy-seven week days ago, when I reached the 1000th Nugget milestone, I got the idea that I should write a recap of all the technology that I wrote about that came and went since 2010 when I started this daily newsletter.

Although I really want to be nostalgic, I don't even have the time to look through 1000 posts to create a full list. But I'm going to give it a try and see where this goes, so let's have a little fun... Instead of learning something new today, I'll look at some old topics that I've written about that are no longer viable.

I'm going to skim through my Nuggets starting from the beginning.

Nugget No. 10: Niche Jewelry Websites
The concept of that Nugget was to buy a domain name with a specific product keyword in it. Then to only sell those produces on that site. That is now outdated because it is generally not a good idea to buy keyword specific domain names any more. The concept is still viable, but tricky, and should be used with caution.

Nugget No. 22: DEHOOD Location based Service
DEHOOD is one of the location based services (LBS) that sprung up in 2010 when Foursquare was becoming popular. Although it's still around, this cell phone app is pretty much dead and useless for everyone.

Nugget No. 23: Gowalla LBS
I really like Gowalla as a location based service. It was the best competition for Foursquare but Facebook gobbled them up in late 2011. What did Facebook do with the technology? Incorporated it into their Facebook Places that was discussed in...

Nugget No. 24: Facebook Places and Whrrl
Both of these LBS attempts died. Whrrl really crashed and burned, and Facebook Places has attempted to make something of itself, but really never mattered.

Nugget No. 28: Multiple Domain Names and Websites
The concept presented in this Nugget was to have multiple exact match domain names and multiple websites. While splitting up your services across multiple websites might work well for you, it's tough to manage. And the exact match keyword domains? Well, that's a bad idea now.

Nugget No. 49: Google Places
Google whatchamacallit? Yeah, "Places" has gone through more facelifts than Hollywood.
The Panoramio app is mentioned in this Nugget, which Google also discontinued between then and now.

Nugget No. 50: Google Keyword Planner
This is a deactivated service that was replaced by the keyword research tool within AdWords.

Nugget No. 51: Press Releases
OMG! This is such a bad idea now unless you truly have something newsworthy to send out to the press. Whereas it was once quite valuable to get a link to your website from a press release, Google pretty much ignores it now. Don't bother paying for press releases because you are buying links, and Google hates that.

Nugget No. 74: Facebook Status Update Strategy
This was useless within 6 months of writing it because Facebook always changes.

Nugget No. 94: Grand To-Do List of Website Marketing
Geesh! This one really needs to be rewritten. Several of the services mentioned don't even exists any more.

Nugget No. 122: Google Wonder Wheel
I have such fond memories of the Wonder Wheel. It's no longer a public Google service, but I wonder if Google employees still have access to it.

It looks like at around Nugget 200, I started writing about topics that had a longer shelf life. There's a lot I've written about Google Places and Facebook that's completely rubbish now because those systems have changed so much.

This wasn't quite the long nostalgic trip I expected, but I got bored of skimming through my old newsletters when I got to about 250. ;-)

"I'll see you next time." -Matthew Perosi

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