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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Don't Waste Time Waiting For Your Website Reports to Change

Dont Waste Time Waiting For Your Website Reports to Change daily-golden-nugget-1179-74
The word "organic" is used to indicate something happening naturally in its environment, without outside influence that is deemed to be artificial or controlled. A quick look at the organic page on Wikipedia and you'll see that there are 28 different phrases for organic used in the English language.

All of the phrases refer to some type of natural growth or living thing that is grown according to certain standards. Orga...

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Is That Designer Brand Good Enough For Your Website?

We recently had a customer request to have the brand Phillip Gabriel put on their website. We did so, and they said we misspelled the vendor's name. We realized that Phillip Gabriel uses the name Phillip Gavriel in their logo, but seem to switch back and forth between Gavriel and Gabriel on official documentation, such as their footers on the website.

This brand, from Royal Chain, has made a curious choice for their jeweler customers--do they market their brand as Phillip Gabriel or Phillip Gavriel?

Our jeweler, for example, saw it as an error that we used the spelling "Gavriel" instead of "Gabriel," and we wanted to dig a little deeper into this. Could Royal Chain be hurting themselves, and the retail jewelers trying to sell this brand?

Not unlike BVLGARI/Bulgari, which you'll see uses both, too...

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