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Monday, December 28, 2015

The Usefulness of RSS Feeds in a Post Google Reader World

The Usefulness of RSS Feeds in a Post Google Reader World daily-golden-nugget-1416-16
I enjoy all the feedback and questions I receive from my readers. Last week, I received a question about RSS feeds which I'll address today. This is a higher level topic that I last mentioned in my Nugget from December 16, 2010, but have never explained in full detail. The detail I'll cover today might be of some interest to those of you who blog on a regular basis, and...

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google Plus Hangout Notes and Future Features.

As I poke around Google+ I see hints of future features that will eventually merge the online digital world together. So many obvious features relate to white collar jobs. However, there is nothing yet for retail businesses specifically, like useful tools that retail jewelers can use to talk to jewelry customers.

Yesterday, one of the Google+ engineers requested feedback on how the videoconferencing Hangout could be used for business. Within (literally) minutes there were 303 responses! However, not a single one related to retail businesses.

As of today, I will predict your vendors using the video Hangouts to talk to you; but I still don't see a good use for video conversation between you and your customers. If the video quality were better I could argue the idea of showing jewelry, but honestly the video quality sucks ...

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Creating your YouTube Account

It's best to have a pre-existing Google account before you create a YouTube account for yourself. The two accounts will link nicely together. While logged into your account, navigate over to and follow the directions to create an account using your existing Google account.

Be careful with your YouTube user name.

Your chosen YouTube username becomes your "Channel" name. Do your best to select a name that matches your store's name. If your store's name is "Venus Creations" then try for "venuscreations" as your channel name. If that's not available, then try "venuscreationsjewelry" or "venuscreationsjewelers." Whatever you select, you want to make sure there's a clear association to your store's name and brand.

Once your username is selected, your video channel will be available through a si...

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Introduction to Listing Tweets on Your Jewelry Website

Yesterday we gave you a very brief introduction to Twitter. And that was truly very brief considering there are hundreds of printed books, eBooks and online courses that teach you amazing twitter secrets.

Our point of view is different. We know you don't have a lot of time and we want you to get the best ideas from these Daily Gold Nuggets.

Yesterday we told you to create a Twitter account and send a tweet that said "We have a great selection of #wedding #rings that just arrived."

The words "#wedding" and "#rings" are called hashtags within Twitter. This hashtag feature allows various tracking for you, and ease of search for general users. If someone wants to find all local tweets with the word "wedding" in it they could search for "wedding," or they could search for "#wedding."

Here's the difference:

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