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Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Ground Rules For Employees When Using Social Media

10 Ground Rules For Employees When Using Social Media daily-golden-nugget-1211-39
Many retail jewelers still struggle managing the time it takes to promote themselves on social media. Unfortunately, even though you can hire an agency to manage your social accounts, the best way to engage your customers is to establish your brand's own online identity.

It's difficult to allocate the time needed to engage on social media amidst the daily routine needed to run a jewelry store. Instead of doing it all yourself, you could allow your employees to engage soc...

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Friday, December 03, 2010

Does Your Sales Funnel Have Holes in It?

If you've attended enough seminars, read enough business books, received business coaching or attended a business college you certainly will be familiar with the concept of a Sales Funnel.

We did a quick Google search to try and lock down the exact definition of it, but between Wikipedia and thousands of other authors, reporters, and bloggers it seems there isn't a single easy-to-understand definition that explains it.

In essence, the large opening of the funnel represents your broad marketing strategy. This is your newspapers, billboards, radio, TV, Twitter and Facebook. This is where you get your message out there so the world has the chance to hear you, i.e. you are making them aware of you.

With traditional marketing, you have to rely on the consistency of delivering your message before you pour the prospect fu...

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