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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Important 2014 Marketing Dates and Sales Headlines

Important 2014 Marketing Dates and Sales Headlines daily-golden-nugget-1074-45
Over the next 4 months, you'll have several opportunities for social media and email marketing campaigns that can be associated with special calendar events.

A quick look at my own wall calendar and I see these jumping out at me as important US dates that can tie into your marketing campaigns:

September 7, 2014: Grandparents Day
October 13, 2014: Columbus Day
October 31, 2014: Halloween
November 2, 2014: Daylight Savings Time Ends
November 11, 2014: Veterans' D...

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Thanksgiving Day Email Ideas

Many large retailers and department stores have started a new trend of promoting online sales on Thanksgiving day and even opening their retail stores late in the evening on Thanksgiving Day. tracked a 32% increase on Thanksgiving day email traffic in 2010 and according to comScore, online sales for Thanksgiving Day 2010 jumped 28% to $407 million.

With this data it's obvious to us that that people are reading emails from their smartphones after their Thanksgiving dinner. They might be relaxing on the couch with the family, even watching the big game on TV, but secretly they are planning their holiday purchases.

You don't need an e-commerce website to benefit from a Thanksgiving Day email blast. You could use the email to plant an early thought and/or direct the person to your mobile website so they can view...

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Minute Website Planning Before Black Friday

Today is Thanksgiving Eve in the USA. Our readers in other countries might not understand the significance of this so let's briefly talk about it.

Thanksgiving could be explained as the only national holiday that transcends all races, religions, creeds, politics and national origins. It is the day when all Americans celebrate being American, and immigrants can celebrate the freedoms found here. There's more to it than that, but this needs to be "brief."

In the USA, there are two holidays that act as buffers between the summer and when it's "officially" the holiday season. Those holidays are Halloween on October 31 (which is not a national holiday, but rather a retail/fun holiday) and Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday of November. As Thanksgiving approaches there is a subtle change in the mindset of the American consumer...

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