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Friday, March 02, 2012

Events: ROI Boost When 10K People Are Interested

This is the continuation of our Events topic.

Yesterday we explained that you should first create a dedicated and permanent page on your website for each event you hold. You should include a link to that dedicated page in all email invitations and in the Facebook Event that you create.

We left off with the question of why would you want to create a dedicated, permanent page on your website for each event. Here are our 2 really good reasons why:

1. Regular Social Activity

It's good to show people you have activities year round. Remember that in the February 29, 2012 Daily Nugget ( we told you that the Store Events page was the 2nd most popular viewed via mobile browsers. Even if you don't have a current event, you still need to give them something to find.

Listings of past events just ...

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Events: Set Your Digital Invitations Up Correctly

Events. Not every jewelry stores runs them, but we have to wonder why not. Ladies Nights, Super Bowl parties, Red Carpet parties, Facebook Fan parties... or just your everyday average, run of the mill trunk show.

You don't own an average retail store; you own a jewelry store, and sometimes people need to be invited in. And if you do it right, those invitations will keep bringing new customers into your store for years to come.

Inviting customers to an event is easy with today's technology. We remember in 2005 when some jewelers were spending more than $3500 to snail mail a box of very slick post cards. With today's marketing, you're more inclined to save that money and take advantage of the invite power provided by Facebook and regular email.

Facebook has an entire Event Application to invite your fans, and give ...

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Holiday Event Email Announcement Ideas for Jewelers

How's your holiday planning shaping up?

We assume many of you are doing last minute post card printing or are just about to mail out the invitations for November's pre-holiday store events. There are lots of last minute media buys being offered for strategic newspaper and local magazine and advertising.

What's happening with your online stuff? Have you planned your website content yet? Website theme? Email marketing strategies? Suffice it to say we've thrown a lot of ideas at you in the past 35 days, but if you've not taken any action yet you will miss the season.

Today we're going to throw more actionable email marketing ideas at you. As usual, these ideas are based off successful campaigns from previous years.

Let's start with emails focusing on upcoming events. You might have a few important events i...

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