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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Final Holiday 2013 Email Review for Retail Jewelers

Final Holiday 2013 Email Review for Retail Jewelers 398-daily-golden-nugget-894I'd like to officially close out the 2013 Holiday Season with one last review of a few emails I've been tracking. I've lost count with how many email newsletters I've joined since I started tracking this in 2011, but I know it's more than 200 retail jewelers all over the world and in multiple languages.

Some jewelry stores have a regular routine of sending email newsletters for many reasons other than sales or promotional offers, while others only send emails when they want to sell...

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Final Holiday 2013 Website Stats for Retail Jewelers

Final Holiday 2013 Website Stats for Retail Jewelers 8295-daily-golden-nugget-893It's Christmas Day and the holiday gift buying season has come to a close. Typically this day each year is one of 3 with the lowest website traffic for retail jewelry stores, and the traffic that is searched is usually related to popular brand names and specific style numbers. That type of traffic always makes me wonder if people are searching for details of jewelry they gave as gifts, wanted to get as gifts, or saw someone else open as a gift.

But let's leave the speculation...

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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Black Friday Mobile vs. Desktop Engagement Rates

Black Friday Mobile vs. Desktop Engagement Rates 2123-daily-golden-nugget-879The big shopping dates of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed for the 2013 season and the mobile user numbers are in.

Total mobile usage is at 42.74%!!! Compare that to the 40% mobile usage I predicted back in August.

Smartphones alone account for 26.91% of that traffic and these numbers still seem to be climbing for this Holiday Season.


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Monday, November 04, 2013

Setting up GA Views and Filters to Track All Your Promotions

In this installment of the Daily Golden Nugget I'm going to explain how to correctly set up your Google Analytics account structure to correctly track your marketing activity.

Almost as if they knew I was planning this topic for today, Morgan Stanley reported last week that that we would see the weakest Holiday Season since 2008. One of the reasons they cited in their report was that "increased promotional activity likely inhibits 2013 Holiday sales."

It seems like they are referring to the idea that too many promotions will cause people to buy less. Of course that almost seems like a paradox unless you are aware of all the consumer studies that measure choices vs. sales. This topic is widely e...

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