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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

5 Types of Online Jewelry Catalogs, Part 1

We have conflicted feelings when it comes to independent retail jewelry stores trying to compete in online e-commerce. On one hand we know it's a good idea, but on the other hand there are sensible business decisions as to why a jewelry store should avoid it.

Truthfully we would like to see all jewelry stores create some type of online catalog, even if it's only a small sample of their inventory that showcases the quality of their jewelry.

The options for e-commerce or online showcases might seem limitless, but there are really only a few types. Let's review the different types and explain how you could use each of them, as well as the SEO strategies you should employ.

As usual, we have way too much information to tell you in a single Daily Golden Nugget so we're splitting this one up over several days. You may wa...

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Monday, January 03, 2011

SEO: Intra-site Nofollow Link Disasters

Welcome to 2011!

We expect a plethora of SEO experts to post wonderful articles today about how SEO changed over 2010 and what the future will hold for all of us. We're staying away from the predictions and simply following forward with basic SEO discussions.

Although, our discussions are not simply old SEO techniques regurgitated over and over again. We do spend a lot of time making sure what we are saying is still valid. We search through what the SEO experts are saying and we especially look for the guys that have the analytical data to prove what they're saying.

We never believe any SEO expert who makes a claim without evidence to back it up.

Once we find something interesting, we compare it to our own jewelry-specific measurements and determine if the same finding also holds true within the jewelry ind...

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Link Building Strategy That Could Cost You Your Website.

Name and email addresses of domain name owners are a matter of public record. Sometimes a SEO company will collect a list of names and emails from Network Solutions, GoDaddy, or any other company and they will send out random link solicitations.

These solicitations are usually pretty simple with the subject line 'Link Exchange" or "Link Purchase."

Inside there are details about the link building. Here's an example:

"I'm building a good list of links on; I was wondering if we can have a link exchange with your website."

Linking between websites is what makes the web, well, the web. Search engines measure the number of links you have coming to your website and rank you according to how many links you hav...

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Friday, October 15, 2010

4Cs Educational Content on Your Website

How many times have you experienced a customer looking for a diamond that said s/he first researched diamonds online? These are the people who come in asking for specific diamond characteristics without any real firsthand knowledge of diamonds.

Recently Ron Samuelson created a video that depicts the exact situation. We've included a link to his video at the bottom of this Nugget.

Unfortunately, the average consumer doesn't know any better. If a jewelry store sells diamonds, they probably have details about the 4Cs listed on their website. The customers don't learn any more than you tell them, and they naturally gravitate toward the best color, best clarity, best cut... until they see the price.

We suggest a new approach to 4Cs educational content for your website. Break each C down on a single page. Explain wh...

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