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Friday, March 10, 2017

Comparison Of Two Bozeman, Montana Jewelers

Comparison Of Two Bozeman, Montana Jewelers daily-golden-nugget-1547-21
In last week's Golden Nugget, I presented some interesting information showing the comparison of web page visible content to the hidden HTML code in the background. From that post, you could conclude that your website goal should be to fine tune your code to prevent too much hidden code, a problem that is known as "code bloat."

I'm digging a little deeper into this topic again today because of the emails, phone calls, a...

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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Query Word Count and Unique Keywords

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Query Word Count and Unique Keywords daily-golden-nugget-1443-70
Throughout the past month, I analyzed different sets of keywords that I collected during the 2015 holiday season. Most of that research focused on overall analysis of the keyword data without breaking it down into the desktop, mobile, or tablet categories of devices. I chose that approach to save time, and quite frankly, so as not to bore everyone with too much similar information.

That said, in this edition, I am splitting apart the results to show you how the u...

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