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Friday, March 24, 2017

Gold Wolff Jewelers Website Review

Gold Wolff Jewelers Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1549-82
In this week's website review, I'll show you an example of how Google reads words on your website and how you can see those words for yourself. I'll also show you why you should host your blog within your own website instead of using an outside service, I'll even show you screen shots of how Google views a website when the blog is hosted outside.

It all starts with a Google search for "jewelers flagstaff az." According to these results, there are not many jewelers n Flagstaff:


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Friday, March 10, 2017

Comparison Of Two Bozeman, Montana Jewelers

Comparison Of Two Bozeman, Montana Jewelers daily-golden-nugget-1547-21
In last week's Golden Nugget, I presented some interesting information showing the comparison of web page visible content to the hidden HTML code in the background. From that post, you could conclude that your website goal should be to fine tune your code to prevent too much hidden code, a problem that is known as "code bloat."

I'm digging a little deeper into this topic again today because of the emails, phone calls, a...

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Friday, March 03, 2017

Bloated Websites vs. Simple Websites

Bloated Websites vs. Simple Websites  daily-golden-nugget-1546-82
I'm taking a different approach in this week's website review. Normally, I look for poorly ranked websites and try to find reasons why they are not ranking well. When I started my search this week, I found a bunch of mediocre websites that were outranked by Yelp and YellowPages. All of the websites needed improvement. Oddly enough, the site I thought needed the most improvement, was outranking all of the others.

Today, I'll explore why that might be happening. First, I searched for "jewelers Healdsburg CA" and saw these resul...

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Friday, February 24, 2017

TamRon Jewelry Design Technical Website Review

TamRon Jewelry Design Technical Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1545-20
For this week's website review, I went searching for "jewelers spokane wa" and had some trouble deciding on which site to review. There are several jewelers in Spokane to choose from with a wide range of websites from very old looking to very modern. The goal of this website review is to give ideas of how to improve a site and increase its ranking or improve its customer usability.

Pounder's Jewelry was the first website I found that could use improvement. The website address was VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Weiss Jewelers Website Review

Weiss Jewelers Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1528-57
In this edition of the Golden Nugget, I've written a quick review of a retail jeweler's website to show you how a website might backfire on you without regular updates or simply looking at it.

I found Weiss Jewelers when searching Google for "jewelers Greeley, CO." Their website is:

First Impressions

This is what the home page looked like when I visited:


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Friday, May 20, 2016

Jewelers in Orange CA - #FridayFlopFix Website Reviews

Jewelers in Orange CA - FridayFlopFix Website Reviews daily-golden-nugget-1505-50
Searching for a website candidate for this week's Friday Flop Fix was a little challenging. I began my search, as usual, looking for a random website candidate in a random city in the United States. My randomly chosen city this week was Orange, CA. My specific Google search phrase was "jewelers Orange, CA" for which I was given the search results you see below.

I've included my commentary in the screen capture:


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Friday, May 13, 2016

Walter's Jewelry #FridayFlopFix Website Review

Walters Jewelry FridayFlopFix Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1504-61
This is my weekly website review where I search for a retail jeweler at random through Google and pick apart what they are doing online. I try to uncover the flops that are being made so I can suggest the fixes needed to improve what they are doing.

This week, I started my Google search with the phrase "jewelers Brookline, MA" and quickly found myself heading down a rabbit hole after viewing these results:

Walters Jewelry FridayFl...<br />
							<span class=VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

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Friday, May 06, 2016

Orca Jewels #FridayFlopFix Website Review

Orca Jewels FridayFlopFix Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1503-99
Every week, I review the website of a randomly chosen retail jeweler. This week, I searched for "jewelers Ketchikan, AK" to find a review candidate. This type of search always triggers Google local results format, which includes the top three business listings for that area. Google understands that people are usually looking for local businesses whenever a keyword is included along with a town name in a search query. Google then shows results formatted like this:


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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Building Your First Website; Then Growing Beyond It

Building Your First Website; Then Growing Beyond It daily-golden-nugget-1387-39
There are a lot of easy ways for business owners to build their first website. WordPress is a good option for businesses that just want to put information online, and Shopify is a good option for those hoping to sell online quickly. Both of these systems offer out-of-the-box jewelry website templates and setups to get your website live in just a few days. GoDaddy also runs a marketing campaign...

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Friday, May 01, 2015

Wick and Green Jewelers Website Review

Wick and Green Jewelers Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1245-45
Welcome to the weekly edition of the Friday jewelry website review. Every week, I randomly choose a candidate website and put it to the test for design, SEO, usability, content, and a wealth of other website and business related issues.

I never know how they will turn out; sometimes good and sometimes bad. I always try to write these reviews in the order in which I browse around the site, providing my first reactions as I discover things.

This week, I'm searching for "Jewelers in Asheville, No...

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Can One Blog Be Used to Promote Two Websites?

Can One Blog Be Used to Promote Two Websites? daily-golden-nugget-1222-74
I received an interesting question the other day from Suzie, a jewelry designer. Well, her name wasn't actually Suzie, but let's just say that it was so it makes this story easier to tell.

For several years, Suzie had an Etsy account where she sold a line of baby toe ring jewelry. This was her fist line of jewelry before she started making gemstone jewelry necklaces. Realizing how different these two lines of jewelry are, instead of using Etsy to sell the necklaces, she opened an e-com...

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Spinelli Jewelers Website Review

Spinelli Jewelers Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1220-81
This is the Friday Jewelry Website Review edition of the Daily Golden Nugget. Every week, I randomly choose and dissect a retail jeweler's website to see what makes it tick. I never know what I'm going to find each week; sometimes it's something new to learn or a refresher on topics I've previously written about.

To find this week's review candidate, I searched Google for "jewelry stores in Bridgeton, New Jersey" and was given this SERP:


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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Is Off-Site Blogging A Waste Of Money?

Is Off-Site Blogging A Waste Of Money? 8117-daily-golden-nugget-1054
I'm a big believer in maintaining your blog as part of your website rather than setting up a separate blog on another website. Last year, I was able to present some data that explained why the ons...

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Thursday, August 08, 2013

How To Tell if Your Website is Hacked

How To Tell if Your Website is Hacked 2370-daily-golden-nugget-794Microsoft and their Windows PC software have long been the target of virus and trojan attacks. Computer hackers find security holes in the software and write the virus programs that spread so easily throughout the internet through email and hacked websites. Without antivirus software on your own computer, you will easily fall prey to even a novice hacker's first attempt at mayhem or phishing.

There are also hackers that exploit security holes in well known website softwares, especially WordPress. According to VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

100% of Blog Readers Could be Visiting Your Jewelry Site

Since we seem to be on a roll with blogging topics, we'll continue today with another important blog discussion.

We frequently get asked what blogging software and blogging hosting service should be used to set up a jewelry store's website. There are obvious answers to that question, but they come with not so obvious consequences.

The apparent, obvious answer is to use a readily available blogging platform. According to the top 5 blogging software platforms for 2012 (so far) are:
1. WordPress
2. Typepad
3. Squarespace
4. LiveJournal
5. Blogger

The popular blogging platforms amongst the jewelers we work with seem to be WordPress and Blogger. WordPress has a lot of features and can be used not only as a blog, but also to run the entire operations of your website. On the other han...

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Friday, April 06, 2012

5 Ways to Attract Jewelry Buyers, 1 Easy Way to Lose Them

Here's a regular routine for the online marketing process of your jewelry website, or brick and mortar jewelry store...

You share status updates on Facebook and hope to gain new fans. Maybe one day those fans will click over to your website to see the jewelry you sell.

You share on Google+ knowing that it will help influence the Google SERP. Maybe one day someone will actually search a phrase you posted on Google+ and click over to your website to see the jewelry you sell.

You create quippy remarks for a 140 character Tweet and flood your Twitter account. You hope that eventually someone will see your #jewelry or #engagement #ring hash tags and click over to your website to see the jewelry you sell.

You set up a WordPress blog and post regular entertainment news or monthly updates about birthstones. This pr...

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Find Out Why WordPress Turned off a Jeweler's Blog

Today we'd like to explain how we discovered the unfortunate waste of money one jeweler spent when they hired a SEO guy to build links by writing blog posts.

There's no need to look at your own account right now, but we'll begin our story with a quick trip into our Google Analytics account and click on the link for TRAFFIC SOURCES in the left margin. From there we expanded the Sources sub-section and selected Referrals.

On this Referrals page inside Google Analytics, we are able to see all the domain names on which people find your website, but more importantly, clicked to visit your website. It's typical to see,,, and among the popular referral domains.

If you've paid someone for "link building" services, you will see hundreds of random domain names in the r...

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Advantages of Getting a New Jewelry Website

Yesterday we answered a question posed by one of our readers. She wanted to know the disadvantages or drawbacks of replacing her current jewelry website with a brand new one. We couldn't quite think of specific disadvantages so instead we wrote out 3 hurdles in the website redesign and programming process.

Today we'd like to give you 3 specific advantages to having your jewelry website redesigned and replaced. We could probably list 100 reasons, but we're simply going to pick the top 3 we feel are important today.

With a new website comes a new design; at least we hope you will get a new design!

In the real world, we can each identify building architecture from different periods. Many of us can easily identify building and interior decorating styles from our own lifetime. Can you remember the late 1960's? ...

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Disadvantages or Drawbacks of Getting a New Jewelry Website

We received an interesting question recently from a well established jewelry store. They wanted to know the drawbacks or disadvantages of "getting a new website." We thought the question was interesting enough to answer as today's Daily Golden Nugget.

To answer this question, let's first assume you have had a website for at least 2 years, and you are thinking of getting a new one.

So what are the "disadvantages or drawbacks of getting a new jewelry website?"

Before we itemize a list we'd first like to say that we really don't see a disadvantage of making a new website that runs with current standards of technologies, website usability, and design that appeals to the current market. With that said, let's outline the hurdles you need ...

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Friday, April 15, 2011

The WP Devil

WordPress evolved from simple blog software into a very large open project that many programmers have contributed to. With it you can create article sites, membership sites, news sites, photo galleries, and even your own business website.

It's a great system, and it's very cheap to buy into.

However, there are major drawbacks to using WordPress. Here are a few:
1. Most WordPress websites look and function the same.
2. It's not free; you still need a hosting account.
3. It's not free; you will need to pay someone to set it up if you are non-website savvy.
4. It's not free; all the best features need to be paid for.
5. There's no guarantee that a WordPress website will be found by Google; standard SEO still applies.

Number 1 is one of our biggest gripes here at jWAG. We hear so many jewelry stores say ...

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

It's In the Clouds

One of the well known "no no's" of website search engine optimization is something called Keyword Stuffing.

Old search engines used to rank a website by the amount of times you had a phrase listed on the page. If you wanted to be listed for the old "right hand rings" you simply needed to use the phrase "right hand rings" on the page more times than your competitor.

The phrase "right hand rings" is difficult to say over and over, and that's why it's such a good example to today's Daily Golden Nugget, so let's continue with it.

The Diamond Promotion Service started using the phrase Right Hand Ring in 2005, so let's imagine it's 2005 and you are trying to sell to women that want to buy themselves an anytime gift. The common SEO strategy of that time was simply to bloat a web page with your target phrase more times tha...

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SEO: Links Without nofollow

In previous Daily Gold Nuggets, we've mentioned methods to get links from other businesses in your town or in neighboring towns. Building links to your site is very important and there is a huge variety of ways you can do so.

The important part to link building is making sure that the link to your website is not what we call a "nofollowed" link. A few years ago, the search engines came up with this "rel=nofollow" feature in order to prevent the huge comment spam that was building up on blog posts.

Many people were intentionally commenting on blog posts and including the link back to their website as a method of link building. The result was a huge amount of link spam and improper search results pages. The nofollow feature nullified and disqualified this type of spam and all those links, which quickly returned all search...

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tactics for writing blogs

Are you aware of all the little nuances of Internet Marketing that could improve the conversion rates from your blog site to the main area of your site where you make money?

Internet Marketing is a learned skill. Even with many years of experience in traditional media marketing, you couldn't possibly know the how's and why's of Internet Marketing. We're giving you a few easy ones below.

By now, you should have an established blog set up. We hope you have it on your own website rather than a Blogger or WordPress account. Here are some tactics that you should be employing in each of your blog posts.

1. Your main headline needs to be the largest words on the page.
2. You should break up your blog entry into subsections with a sub-heading for each.
3. Headings and sub-headings should be in a Sans Serif font. Good ch...

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