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Friday, February 26, 2016

Pruett's Jewelry #FridayFlopFix Review

Pruetts Jewelry FridayFlopFix Review daily-golden-nugget-1460-81Don't want to read? This week you can also watch the video recording of this review here!

Welcome to the weekly #FridayFlopFix website review. Every Friday, I search a random town for an older website that needs help improving, and I suggest fixes for their flops.

This week, I searched Google for "jewelers Odessa, TX" and saw these results:

Pruetts Jewelry FridayFlopFix Re...<br />
							<span class=VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

AT: 02/26/2016 01:21:17 PM   0 COMMENTS
Friday, January 22, 2016

Kent Jewelry #FridayFlopFix Review

Kent Jewelry FridayFlopFix Review daily-golden-nugget-1435-2
This is the Friday Flop Fix edition of the Daily Golden Nugget. Each Friday, I search for a website that isn't living up to its full potential, and I give suggestions on making it better; my fixes for their flops. I started my search today with the query "jewelers Rolla, MS" and received this as a result:

Kent Jewelry FridayFlopFix Review 1435-jewelers-rolla-ms-serp-74 VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

AT: 01/22/2016 01:13:37 PM   0 COMMENTS
Friday, January 15, 2016

Goodman's Jewelers #FridayFlopFix Review

Goodmans Jewelers FridayFlopFix Review daily-golden-nugget-1430-87
During my internet travels over the last few days, I came across the website for Goodman's Jewelers in Madison, WI. It caught my attention and I immediately decided to use it for today's #FridayFlopFix review. I hope to make a few suggestions that will help them improve how they use their site, and give you a few ideas on what to avoid on your own site. Let's dig in...

The website I'm looking at today is Goodman's Jewelers at:

AT: 01/15/2016 01:21:44 PM   0 COMMENTS
Friday, December 18, 2015

Highlands Jewelers #FridayFlopFix

Highlands Jewelers FridayFlopFix daily-golden-nugget-1410-22
This is my weekly #FridayFlopFix website review where my goal is to find a website that has a few problems and suggest potential fixes. I start this review with a jewelry store search in a random town and then I quickly look through the search results for websites with problems I can talk about in a terse evaluation like this.

I started my hunt for a candidate website this week with a search for "jewelry highland in." Google showed me these results:


AT: 12/18/2015 01:10:53 PM   0 COMMENTS
Friday, June 05, 2015

The Jewelers of Las Vegas Website Re-review

The Jewelers of Las Vegas Website Re-review daily-golden-nugget-1270-61
In honor of the big jewelry shows in Las Vegas that came to a close on Monday this week, I'm searching around Las Vegas again for this week's website review edition of the Daily Golden Nugget.

I was still in New Jersey when I wrote last week's review of another Las Vegas jeweler, but this time I'm sitting in my hotel room at The Excalibur writing this weeks.

Last week, I simply searched for...

AT: 06/05/2015 12:55:26 PM   0 COMMENTS
Friday, April 24, 2015

McCary's Jewelry Website Review

McCarys Jewelry Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1240-97
In this edition of the Friday website review, I'm traveling to Shreveport, Louisiana in search of my review candidate. Using the Chrome browser in incognito mode, I searched for "jewelers Shreveport, Louisiana" and saw these SERP results:

McCarys Jewelry Website Review 1240-jewelers-shreveport-louisiana-serp-89VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

AT: 04/24/2015 07:57:57 AM   0 COMMENTS
Friday, March 27, 2015

Spinelli Jewelers Website Review

Spinelli Jewelers Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1220-81
This is the Friday Jewelry Website Review edition of the Daily Golden Nugget. Every week, I randomly choose and dissect a retail jeweler's website to see what makes it tick. I never know what I'm going to find each week; sometimes it's something new to learn or a refresher on topics I've previously written about.

To find this week's review candidate, I searched Google for "jewelry stores in Bridgeton, New Jersey" and was given this SERP:


AT: 03/27/2015 11:41:41 AM   0 COMMENTS
Friday, November 14, 2014

Coastal Jewelers Website Review

Coastal Jewelers Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1125-84
This is the Friday website review where I take a look at a random retail jewelry store website and dissect it to discover all the good and bad things we can all learn from.

For today's review, I started with a search for "jewelry stores in Kennebunkport, Maine" and was given this Google SERP result:

Coastal Jewelers Website Review 1125-jewelry-stores-kennebunkport-me-serp-64VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

AT: 11/14/2014 07:50:36 AM   0 COMMENTS
Friday, August 22, 2014

Cooks Jewelers Website Review

Cooks Jewelers Website Review 4395-daily-golden-nugget-1065
Welcome to the Friday jewelry website review edition of the Daily Golden Nugget. The goal for today is to examine a random retail jeweler's website and learn from something they did right or wrong.

I don't plan these reviews out, and I usually write these reviews as I work through the discovery of each site, documenting my first thoughts as well as how different stuff fits together.

This week, I searched for "jewelry stores Kirksville, Missouri" and was given this Google SERP:


AT: 08/22/2014 11:09:41 AM   0 COMMENTS
Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Home Page Sliders and Rotators are Bad

Home Page Sliders and Rotators are Bad 2050-daily-golden-nugget-1023
Website usability is always a point of contention between visual website designers, data analysts, and website owners. The website owner always wants their website to look good, the designer is always trying to satisfy the owner, and the data analysts seems to always be in a losing position of 2 against 1.

Of course, then there's the uncomfortable situation some months later when the website owner is upset that the website is not driving more business the way they had hoped. Usually this is when ...

AT: 06/25/2014 10:01:47 AM   0 COMMENTS
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