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Monday, April 27, 2015

Future Progress and Profit is Unattainable Without Proper Planning

Future Progress and Profit is Unattainable Without Proper Planning daily-golden-nugget-1241-76
I've been online since 1988 and I began programming websites professionally in 1994. With 36 years experience online, you certainly can say I'm one of the internet "old timers." In the mid 1990s, we had no idea how the internet would transform the world. Indeed, just watch any sci-fi movie from the early 90s and you'll see how their portrayals of the future completely lack the everyday technology we take for granted today.

The Early Internet<...

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Building a Personal Brand For Business Success

Building a Personal Brand For Business Success daily-golden-nugget-1197-3
A number of years ago, and I was hired to create a website to promote a national marketing campaign for retail jewelers. The website served as the cornerstone for hundreds of jewelers who were using the same set of ads to promote a select number of products that were sold exclusively through those retail jewelry stores.

The goal of the marketing campaign was to establish a nationwide brand identity for the hundreds of participating retail jewelers. Participation in that brand identity woul...

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Your Facebook Bio and Info Tab

Yesterday we gave you some ideas about using your personal Facebook account. Assuming you are using it for professional purposes, we wanted to give you some ideas how to set up your personal branding with it.

Do you have a personal brand statement?

What is it that you uniquely do for people? Many business owners will refer to themselves and their company together in terms of "we," but that's wrong in this case because you want to be you and alone. So, step back and figure out what it is that you do exactly for people.

Do you specifically provide expert watch repair? Do you specifically provide award winning jewelry design? Are you the fashion expert? Why is it that people come into your store and ask for you? Write that down because it's your personal Unique Selling Point, or USP. Your USP should be interestin...

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