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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Simple Explanation and Twitter Usage Suggestions: 2015 Holiday Run-Up

Simple Explanation and Twitter Usage Suggestions: 2015 Holiday Run-Up daily-golden-nugget-1363-53
I've covered topics of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram so far in this Run-Up to the 2015 Holiday season. This is my 14th installment in this special Daily Golden Nugget series to help you boost your 2015 holiday sales.

If you're just joining in for the first time, then you should review the outline of this series I explained here. I'...

AT: 10/14/2015 12:34:12 PM   0 COMMENTS
Thursday, February 03, 2011

How Many Tweets Make a Book?

Some time in the summer of 2010, Google changed their policy regarding how they treat Twitter.

Twitter is a very fast-paced micro-blogging website. A quick search on Google for the number of tweets posted every day returns some amazing numbers: around 1.9 Million! That's a lot of 140 character messages and we'd guess that's 44.3 Million words posted per day.

Another quick Google search for the average number of words in a book and we find different experts saying between 70,731 and 75,000, so let's take 72,865. Using that number, we estimate approximately and equivalent to 608 books (novels) worth of information is posted to Twitter every day.

Interwoven in all those "books" are millions of links to other websites. Some of the links are pure spam, and some are really good links to worthwhile information. That's a...

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