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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Instagram Is Changing, But Brands Should Still Use It

Instagram Is Changing, But Brands Should Still Use It daily-golden-nugget-1482-45
Instagram made headlines on March 15, 2016 when it announced that they would change the way their feed works. Since its inception, Instagram was a simple social network that allowed all users to scroll through the most recent photos posted by their friends. Keep scrolling to see the most recent photos. On March 15th, they announced that they will reorganize the feed for what you might care about the most, which is ex...

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Simple Explanation and Twitter Usage Suggestions: 2015 Holiday Run-Up

Simple Explanation and Twitter Usage Suggestions: 2015 Holiday Run-Up daily-golden-nugget-1363-53
I've covered topics of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram so far in this Run-Up to the 2015 Holiday season. This is my 14th installment in this special Daily Golden Nugget series to help you boost your 2015 holiday sales.

If you're just joining in for the first time, then you should review the outline of this series I explained here. I'...

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Use Storytelling to Build Valuable Website Content

Use Storytelling to Build Valuable Website Content daily-golden-nugget-1189-36
Throwback Thursday is the name of a weekly internet trend where participants repost photos from the past. This is especially popular on Instagram where users tag their photos with the #TBT hashtag.

Truthfully, you can "throwback" anything that happened in the past. It could be a social media post, a photo, a blog post, or yes, even a Daily Golden Nugget!

Honestly, this is my first participation in a TBT, but what the heck; let's do it with a slightly different spin...

AT: 02/12/2015 01:38:48 PM   0 COMMENTS
Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Introduction to Twitter

Even though we've mentioned Twitter many times in other training, we've never specifically given you strategies to use it as a business tool.

We will admit the concept of Twitter is strange. Why would someone want to post a 140 character note to the internet for eternity? The answer is simply that the system was created for friends to share their instant messaging status updates with other friends. In fact, AOL Instant Messenger was the inspiration for the Twitter system.

High school and college students loved it practically overnight and people with way too much time on their hands and way too many friends all flocked to get accounts.

Of course, you can never simply have a useless technology stay useless, so business people and technology gurus also flocked to figure out how to make money using this new tool.

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