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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Build Links When Sponsoring Local Events and Acquiring Customers

Build Links When Sponsoring Local Events and Acquiring Customers daily-golden-nugget-1224-48
This is the #ThrowbackThursday edition of the Daily Golden Nugget. This week, I'm jumping back to Nugget Number 93 from December 1, 2010. The topic is Trading Links with Local Businesses.

Linking to Avoid

Google has placed heavy penalties on websites that use link building to affect their ranking. The VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

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Friday, April 29, 2011

100, 200 or More?

Today is in important day for us, and we're not talking about the Royal Wedding either.

This is Daily Golden Nugget #200

In honor of this milestone, we're going to talk about that old limitation of the number of links on a single web page. The limitation used to be 100 links on any given page.

Once upon a time, Google stated that having more than 100 links on a single web page was a bad idea. Their limitation was created simply because they could not handle more than that.

As time passed, many of us SEO professionals analyzed other good reasons to keep to that limitation, namely to control the flow of PageRank on your website. PageRank is one of the factors that help you rank higher in Google. If you can collect a lot of PageRank for your website you could rank higher.

Imagine that every web page on...

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