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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Most Popular Mobile Devices and Resolutions from December 2015

Most Popular Mobile Devices and Resolutions from December 2015 daily-golden-nugget-1452-10
Bring up the topic of smartphones with your friends and the conversations will soon turn into a debate over the reasons why some think the Android OS phones are better than iOS phones. While the iOS phones are only available in a limited number of models from Apple, the Android OS is available on dozens of different models from dozens of different phone manufacturers.

Regardless what your personal smartphone choice is, knowing what your customers are using will help you design a ...

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Friday, November 09, 2012

Android Google Maps vs. iPhone Apple Maps

Android Google Maps vs. iPhone Apple Maps 9384-daily-golden-nugget-600Who would have thought that the Daily Golden Nugget series would ever get this far? Today is Nugget Number 600! I have to warn you that this one is going to be a #longread compared to my usual.

My very first Nugget was about Google Maps and how it could drive customers directly to your store. Each multiple of 100 since then has also been about Google Maps, Google Local, Google Places, and Google+ Local. But today it seems I must now include a new interloper... Apple Maps.

For starters, if you've not yet s...

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Monday, August 02, 2010

Perhaps we were living under a rock and that's why we didn't know this.

Doing some research over the last few days we discovered something that we admit we should have known about. We're willing to admit when we make mistakes so we're openly publishing it since it's big enough news.

There's a continual argument regarding the support of Flash on website. Some web programmers love Flash, others hate it. To use Flash, or not to use Flash on your website? It's a heated debate akin to the typical arguments between the Republican and Democratic political parties in the United States.

Web programmers waited many years for Apple to come to an agreement with Adobe so the iPhone could display Flash sites. But we were all crushed on April 29, 2010 when Apple announced it would never support Flash, but that's old news and not what today's Nugget is about.

What we discovered is that Microsoft's l...

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