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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Customer Selfies and Testimonials that Follow FTC Guidelines

Customer Selfies and Testimonials that Follow FTC Guidelines daily-golden-nugget-1393-39
Today is the eve of the official start of the "holiday season" in the U.S. Retail businesses have been preparing their inventory, ads, and employees for the last few months in hopes to really boost sales this year.

In a perfect world, most holiday season ads are already finalized and scheduled, but there's always the opportunity for retailers to gain a little extra publicity every day through different types of engagements with their customers.


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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stay off the FTC's Radar When Offering Paid Endorsements

Stay of the FTCs Radar When Offering Paid Endorsements daily-golden-nugget-1392-49
The SocialPro Conference was held on November 18-19th in Las Vegas. It began with a keynote Q&A presentation between Mary Engle, the FTC’s Associate Director for Advertising Practices, and Danny Sullivan, founding editor of MarketingLand.

As I read through the transcripts of the entire Q&A here, I was reminded of t...

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