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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How Good is Your Spelling?

Google has incorporated a massive dictionary into their functionality. After years of watching users, they were able to take that dictionary and create an automatic spelling correction feature called "Did You Mean."

The "Did you mean" feature showed up in November 2008, and it has a profound impact on SEO. Let's investigate why...

Whenever Google recognizes what it decides may be a misspelling, it will not return search results for that misspelling, instead it will correct the spelling and display a message saying "Showing results for {corrected spelling}. Search instead for {incorrect spelling}." This is a failsafe in case you really were searching for something with that incorrect (read: unpopular) spelling.

Prior to this automatic spelling correction, it was important to include misspellings on your website just...

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Smarter Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are one of your best selling tools to get people to click onto your web page from the SERPs. The meta descriptions should be limited to 150 characters and either be a sales message or something that truly explains what your page is about.

If you don't take the time to write your own valid descriptions, Google will do it for you. If Google finds a valuable page of information without a meta description, it will take an excerpt from the page and show it as the description instead of leaving it blank.

Now let's shift topics to the information you actually have on a page. Each page of your website should be dedicated to a single specific topic. We see all the time that a jewelry store will combine all their services to a single page, but this dilutes your chances for getting a click. Let's look at an examp...

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