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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Twas The Jeweler's Night Before Christmas...

by Matthew Perosi and George Blair IV
'Twas the night before Christmas, and time to close doors
after a long four weeks, the time still soars.
Did you break record sales with engagement rings sold?
Hope she says yes tomorrow; the future's untold!

While it's usually children dreaming the morning's delight;
the guys that you helped are filled with horrible fright.
You're the town's best jeweler; the men come to you;
your jewelry's the best at getting an "I do."

The times, they have changed, and there's much online chatter,
you've to to keep up, or else you won't matter.
You made mistakes then, when your website used Flash,
but you took steps; improvement when sales came to a crash.

Your jewelry designs always win Best in Show,
but your website's sad ranking had fallen too slow.
With new learning, you hoped an answer'd appear...

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Your Final Holiday Story-Time

This is the last in our series of Daily Gold Nuggets explaining how storytelling through your emails, blog or Facebook posts will build better long term (buying) relationships with your customers than direct advertising.

This story should be sent out after Christmas, but before you take your usual winter vacation break.

You should be writing from home with friends and family around you. Share a special event or perhaps something funny that happened over the holiday. If your readers have followed the first 5 stories, they are already predisposed to following through to the end.

As mentioned previously, if your holiday was uneventful then recount a story from a previous year. Your story could also include your plans for New Years Eve festivities. Wish them the best conclusions of their holidays and a happy New Year....

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Using a Missed Mafia-Offer to Increase Long Term Readership

This week's Daily Gold Nuggets explain that storytelling through your emails, blog or Facebook posts will build better long term (buying) relationships with your customers than direct advertising. This technique is usually only employable during this time of the year when your customers are more open-hearted to hear stories and share their own experiences.

The next story you share should be sent 7 to 10 days before Christmas. In it, share details about your customer holiday party or your office party. Of course, if you are not having one of those parties this year then you should simply reminisce moments from previous years.

If you held an in-store event, then share the photos and tell your readers how much your party-goers enjoyed themselves. Was there a gift exchange or a contest? Include those details, and use real n...

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Building Your Social Media Personality

We're continuing on the subject of building a social media persona to interact with your customers on a personal level. Your Facebook Business Page is where you build business relationships, introduce offers and engage customers. The one flaw with a business page is you have to continually interact with your fans to keep them interested in your business.

We know it's difficult to find the perfect balance between interaction and offers in all social media. We also know that many of you have personal accounts that you use for business. The strategy we started explaining yesterday will help build a level of trust with your customers. This type of trust will endure even if your customer doesn't hear from you for a while.

Let's continue explaining how to build that trust during the holiday season.

Since it's still ear...

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Holiday Season Story Time

The Holiday Season 2010 seems to have already started - last week in fact. TV commercials are already talking about pre-Black Friday sales, and "don't wait until Black Friday" specials.

You are about to enter your busiest 7 weeks of the year, and today is the Monday when you should start seeing a surge of traffic on your website. Every Monday from now through January should show a surge of traffic.

Other than holiday selling, something else happens during this time of year. People are much more open to personal bonding. It's part of the gift-giving season; it's why greeting cards are sent simply to say hello and it's why people want to get together in person. People are all inspired to open their hearts during this time of year.

We don't want to sounds like a Scrooge, but this is also when you can forge unbreakab...

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