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Friday, December 09, 2016

The Jewelry Source Website Review

The Jewelry Source Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1534-15
Record breaking ecommerce sales have been in the news this week; in fact, online sales have been higher this year than ever before. One of the headlines from comScore this week was "Eleven Consecutive Billion-Dollar Days of Online Desktop Spending from Thanksgiving through Cyber Week Mark the Longest Streak Ever". It's importan...

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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Customers Do Use Mobile Devices For Product Information While Shopping In Your Store

Customers Do Use Mobile Devices For Product Information While Shopping In Your Store daily-golden-nugget-1403-83
Since 2010, the predicted website and internet usage trends right before the holiday season have suggested that more people will use their smartphones to pre-shop retail stores and to look up product information while in a store. What better way to save time during the busy holiday shopping season than to look for online product information and find stores that carry the items?

While out shopping with my mother o...

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Monday, October 05, 2015

Online Product Information Leads to Purchase Decisions: Holiday 2015 Run-up

Online Product Information Leads to Purchase Decisions: Holiday 2015 Run-up daily-golden-nugget-1356-6
This is Part 7 of a multi-day Daily Golden Nugget series packed with tactics to help you in your 2015 holiday marketing. The series started with the overview of 2015 holiday marketing strategies and has continued since.

In this edition, I'll explain ways you can plan your product content to correspond to the holiday ads you have ...

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Twas The Jeweler's Night Before Christmas...

by Matthew Perosi and George Blair IV
'Twas the night before Christmas, and time to close doors
after a long four weeks, the time still soars.
Did you break record sales with engagement rings sold?
Hope she says yes tomorrow; the future's untold!

While it's usually children dreaming the morning's delight;
the guys that you helped are filled with horrible fright.
You're the town's best jeweler; the men come to you;
your jewelry's the best at getting an "I do."

The times, they have changed, and there's much online chatter,
you've to to keep up, or else you won't matter.
You made mistakes then, when your website used Flash,
but you took steps; improvement when sales came to a crash.

Your jewelry designs always win Best in Show,
but your website's sad ranking had fallen too slow.
With new learning, you hoped an answer'd appear...

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Google Shopping and Double Management of Your Inventory

Google Shopping and Double Management of Your Inventory daily-golden-nugget-1133-61
I've seen a lot of chatter online recently and in business magazines about the management of store inventory and how it relates to online advertising. Many of the conversations stem from the requirements for the new online advertising system called Google Shopping and how it will help online sales for this holiday season.

For today, the eve of Thanksgiving in the United States, I wanted to briefly cover the topic of online inventory, inventory uploads, and how that works with Google Shopping.<...

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Passionate Designers Can Be Your Secret SEO Product Strategy

Let's talk about buying shows, holiday inventory, and internet advertising.

We're right in the middle of the trade show season and every show you go to will have plenty of options for holiday inventory and new trends that could work in your store. What is the most important reason you select new inventory for your store? We'd love to hear your feedback on that.

We attended the JA show in New York City from July 26th to 28th and asked some very hard questions to many vendors both large and small. Today we're going to review some of our findings.

We tried to divide our time equally between small designers, new designers, and well established jewelry manufacturers. We asked all of them what marketing assistance they offered their retailers, specifically how each one would help the retailer add content to their websit...

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Holiday Video Planning Starts Today

When it comes to SEO, time is very precious. It's ticking by very quickly and if you want your website to be functioning correctly for the holidays, you need to take action before September 30.

On Friday last week, we explained a strategy of writing a description of your holiday inventory and having your webmaster post it on your website. Today we are continuing with a different spin of this idea.


As soon as your holiday inventory arrives, you need to film a video presentation of each item you are serious about selling. Production studio camera and sound quality is not needed, but lighting is very important.

You have several choices to shoot your video: Digital camera, Flipcam, or Cell Phone.

Your audience will forgive poor audio quality as long as the video image is good, and the jewelry color...

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Holiday SEO Planning Starts Today

It's September 17 and no doubt you already have your holiday inventory picked out.

Since you already know what your Holiday inventory will be, you need to post that information to your website immediately.

Here's why:

During our Live 2 Broadcast Event from August 13 - August 29, we set up a full jewelry website for demo and training. That website is still live at; the mobile version is available at

While broadcasting live, we added products, blog entries, and newsletters to that site. Then we used our Google Webmaster Tools account to submit a sitemap to Google on August 13, 2010 and again on August 18, 2010.

All search engines take at lea...

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