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Friday, January 13, 2017

Bruce G. Weber #FridayFlopFix Website Review

Bruce G. Weber FridayFlopFix Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1539-61
One of the marketing testing methods I use is to put myself out in the real world, away from my desk, to observe what an ad will look like when encountered out in the wild. Although I do test my digital marketing ads on different devices and browsers when sitting at my desk, it's difficult to get into the same headspace that a consumer would be in then viewing an ad or a website. This is my own interpretation of the proverbial "walk a mile in their shoes."

This is why I like writing my website reviews when I'm trave...

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Island Butterfly Jewelry and Jubilee #FridayFlopFix Website Review

Island Butterfly Jewelry and Jubilee FridayFlopFix Website Review daily-golden-nugget-1506-65
Welcome to my weekly random website review. In these reviews, I search for website candidates that have problems (aka flops) with their website, and I suggest fixes to make them better. This week, I'm taking a drive down to Accomack County, Virginia in search for a jewelry store. Accomack is near the famous Route 13 Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel that I once had the pleasure, and slight fright, to drive over. There are fewer bus...

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Friday, January 01, 2016

R&R Jewelers #FridayFlopFix Review

R&R Jewelers FridayFlopFix Review daily-golden-nugget-1421-23
Happy New Years and welcome to #FridayFlopFix! FridayFlopFix is what I call my weekly website reviews. The goal of these Friday the Daily Golden Nugget editions is to find a website that is behind on expected website standards, i.e. flops, and provide suggestions for fixing it.

Last night, on New Year's Eve, millions of people watched the ball drop in Time Square, New York City. In honor of this, I've also decided to focus my attention on NYC to locate a retail jeweler. Considering the NYC Diamond District and so many retail jeweler ...

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Tharoo & Co Website Review

Tharoo & Co Website Review 8015-daily-golden-nugget-1025
For this week's website review, I'm heading down to sunny Florida in search of a jewelry store in Orlando.

Here's a screen shot of the local results when I searched for "jewelry stores in orlando":

Tharoo & Co Website Review 5617-1025-serp

I'm choosing the top jeweler, Tharoo & Co. Their website is:

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Website Pop Up Disasters for Zale Corporation

Here's a website usability and conversion optimization tip for you: Kill those pop-ups!

Have you seen those annoying pop-ups on websites? Some pop-up as soon as you arrive on the page and some will pop-up when you try to leave the page; both are very annoying.

As of today, here's an annoying example of a pop-up:

The REEDS Jewelers website shows an immediate message for "First Time Visitors" that says:
"First Time Here? REEDS would like to welcome you with an extra savings of $25 off any online purchase of $150 or more. Enter coupon code FTV25150* at checkout. *Excludes Roberta Z Ideal, REEDS Diamond, Chamilia, David Yurman, Everlon, Swiss Watches, and Swarovski. "

Sure, that's a great offer for a jewelry store, but the pop-up is so immediate and ann...

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