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Friday, January 16, 2015

C. Aaron Penaloza Jewelers Website Review

C. Aaron Penaloza Jewelers Website Review  daily-golden-nugget-1170-70
Welcome to the Friday website review. The goal of these weekly website reviews to learn something that can better your own website by analyzing someone else's live website. Every week I simply do a Google search in a random town or city throughout the U.S.

This week I'm looking for a review candidate in Terrell Hills, Texas. Using Google Chrome's incognito mode I searched for "jewelry stores in Terrell Hills, Texas" and was given this SERP:


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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On-Site SEO for Retail Jewelers

On-Site SEO for Retail Jewelers 3669-daily-golden-nugget-1068
In yesterday's Daily Golden Nugget, I began a discussion about the differences between Technical SEO, On-Site SEO, and Off-Site SEO, and I detailed several very important, but sometimes boring aspects of what I refer to as the technical side of SEO.

Technical SEO is certainly something that computer scientists and programmers do best. Even though the technical SEO procedures are important, I don't often not...

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Variety is the Spice of Keywords

Variety is the Spice of Keywords 9048-daily-golden-nugget-707Blogging is important for online marketing. There is a story to tell about everything; you just need to understand how to tell the story that's both interesting to the reader and brings business to your website or to your front door.

My recommendation is always to include your blog directly on your website rather than some other blogging system, like WordPress or Blogger. The reason I recommend this is because your blog will appear in search results for the keywords and topics you write about.

When someone arrives on your ...

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Various Blogging Links Can Repair a Jeweler's Ranking

With our continuing coverage of blogs and blogging techniques, today we'd like to give you some ideas of how to link your blog entries from one to another, to your website, or to products in your online catalog.

A few days ago we explained that "anchor text" is the term use to describe the actual words you are linking. The example we used in a previous Daily Golden Nugget was the sentence:

"We'd like to show you our best [engagement rings]."

As we said previously, the words "engagement rings" are shown as the anchor text and that would link to another page.

If you put that sentence in a blog post, you could link it to a dedicated to engagement rings landing page with details about various engagement rings, or you could link it to a product catalog page showing 10 or so different engagement ring styles.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Understanding Anchor Text for Jewelry Stores

We're getting back to basic SEO concepts today with a discussion of Anchor Text.

Anchor text is also known as link text, link label, and even link title depending on which SEO professional you are talking to. In our office we commonly flip flop between "anchor text" and "link text" depending on the situation. All 4 phrases are common enough, and can be confusing, so hopefully this Golden Nugget will help.

Hyperlinks, or links, connect all the pages of the web together. Sometimes you click on an image hyperlink, and sometimes you click on a text hyperlink. When word (text) are hyperlinks, many times they will appear as blue and underlined.

It's those blue and underlined words that are the Anchor Text, and they are very important for SEO.

When the internet was in its infancy many people used the words "click ...

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