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Thursday, April 07, 2016

How To Rank Your Website When Someone Searches For Your Offline Ad #TBT

How To Rank Your Website When Someone Searches For Your Offline Ad TBT daily-golden-nugget-1489-85
The axiom of search engine optimization is that your website will only rank for words that search engines can find on your website. If you learn nothing else about search engine optimization you must learn that one point. If you have learned that already; good, you don't have to read today, but before you go consider that many people aware of that axiom are still not applying.

Back in December 2014, I explained VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Importance of Video Transcripts for Jewelers

Video is a pretty powerful marketing tool. There are many ways you can shoot, edit, and post your own videos online.

One of our favorite suggestions, and perhaps the easiest method to create video, is to simply use your smartphone to record short clips around your jewelry store. In particular you could create video "unveilings" of new inventory as it arrives. Naturally that type of video will have a "home movie" or "reality show" type quality, which is a good way to entice your audience rather than trying to sell directly to them.

Posting your videos to Facebook and YouTube is made easy through a variety of software programs on your PC or Mac, as well as easily available applications for your smartphone. Videos uploaded to Facebook are usually never seen by anyone other than your own Facebook fan base due to the fact th...

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Friday, September 02, 2011

9 Things Jewelers Should Test On Their Website

Yesterday's Nugget was pretty long to get through, but we really needed to explain how to use Google Website Optimizer ( ). It is such an important tool and it's easier than Google Analytics. Although, if you are still wondering what you would want to test then today's Daily Golden Nugget is for you.

Some basic things to test with Google Website Optimizer:
1. Captions on images
2. Font size, line spacing, and font family
3. Adding or reducing white space around the site
4. Culling your content or swapping it with bullet points
5. Font and link colors, underlined or non underlined links
6. Button sizes and colors
7. Jewelry photography methods using different background other than pure white
8. Headlines
9. Repositioning your call to action message<...

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Friday, May 13, 2011

YouTube Transcripts

This is it. Today's Daily Golden Nugget is the reason we spent the last 7 Nuggets explaining YouTube.

The video title, description, and tags are all important for SEO, but if you really want to trounce your competition you need to follow the directions in this Nugget to create Captions and Subtitles for your video.

Transcribing video correctly is a difficult task. It's incredibly time consuming and best left to people who know how to write in shorthand or steno. For people without those skills, even being a fast typist, it could take you 2 hours to transcribe only 30 minutes of video.

However, we don't want you to do that. Instead, we want you to use a shortcut that YouTube provides, and then modify it.

A few days after uploading your video, YouTube will attempt to transcribe the words within you video. If...

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