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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

PCI DSS Compliance: Protect Your Merchant Account

PCI DSS Compliance: Protect Your Merchant Account daily-golden-nugget-1382-87
A lot of small details need to be reviewed before launching an e-commerce website, one of which is the need to be PCI DSS compliant.

Eventually, you'll need to tell your merchant company or your bank that you are opening an e-commerce website, and when you do, they'll want to know about your PCI DSS compliance.

PCI DSS Basics

PCI DSS is the acronym for Payment Card Indu...

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Discover Server Health and Hacking Attempts in Web Server error_log Files

Discover Server Health and Hacking Attempts in Web Server error_log Files daily-golden-nugget-1238-2In this third and final edition in my series on web server logs, I'll explain what an error_log is and the important information you can find within. My previous two Nuggets explaining your web server's access_log can be found here and VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Identifying and Dealing With A Hacked Website

Identifying and Dealing With A Hacked Website daily-golden-nugget-1196-18
During my Throwback Thursday Nugget last week, I dug up the old story of bad neighborhoods and how they could negatively impact your website.

The negative impacts I mentioned included slower website response time, potential for server downtime, and lower Google ranking if too many of your website neighbors involve porn, gambling, or E.D. drug websites.

However, the negative impact I personally worry...

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Monday, January 05, 2015

Regin: A Real Threat For Anyone Outsourcing

Regin: A Real Threat For Anyone Outsourcing daily-golden-nugget-1161-87
Many Hollywood action spy movies portray government agencies with amazing computers that can access unlimited computer systems, security cameras, computer networks, and more beyond our imaginations.

You usually have to suspend belief with movies like Mission Impossible and Eagle Eye because government agencies can't activate a cell phone's camera or activate the cell phones of everyone standing around you, right?

Well, maybe they can, or someone can, and they might have been doing it since 2008.

Pay att...

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Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Predictions

2015 Predictions daily-golden-nugget-1156-31
As the final hours of 2014 tick on by, I would like to share some of my predictions for 2015.

1. Content Marketing Will Become More Important for Jewelers

In order to understand why this will be important, you first need to understand what Content Marketing is. "Content" is anything that you publish online with the intention of influencing a customer's buying decisions. Written content is usually absorbed into Google and Bing and returned in search results, while all other content (photos, graphics, videos) are shared socially.

Instead of focusing on a s...

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