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Facebook -- Your Customers Will Like This

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Your customers spend all day on Facebook!

We’ve gotten to the point where Facebook's numbers indicate that it would be the third most populated country in the world if it were land-based! So, naturally, huge assortments of applications have been developed so that anyone on Facebook can neatly and obsessively cross-link their other internet activity and it post on their profile walls. This way all their friends and relatives can see it. People "like" inanimate objects, play games that involve Elizabethan vocabulary, and post lists of things that they are so very fond of.

TODAY you can have your customers link your catalog of items to their profiles so that all of their friends can see and do the same. Does this sound like something anyone would actually do? Well, does moderating a fictional farm or fish tank really seem like something anyone would do?

Facebook -- Your Customers Will Like This facebook-likeUsing the Jewelry Content Management System application from, you can set your products to be Liked, commented on, and rated. When a customer indicates their opinion, it immediately generates a message on their Facebook wall, which is an open invitation for the rest of the world to, as well.

Jewelry stores are uploading images to their Facebook business pages all the time to showcase a new ring. Customers press the “Like” button, comment directly, and that kind of promotion goes willingly onto their wall. Here, you don’t even need to post these items to Facebook—when someone likes it, it will create a link to be followed and appear on that customer’s Recent Activity.

How incredibly useful could this be in the form of a contest? Spread the word—tell your customers to go to your website and "Like" the Old Dog that you’d love to get rid of. Someone will be selected from random from the people who "Like" it or comment on it, and you have instant cross-promotion from eager folks who may have never heard of you—they just read about it on their former high school classmate’s wall and want in on it! Since the contest’s all on your website, you don’t have to worry about Facebook's terms of service regarding contests, and you are free to set your own rules.

Encouraging your customers to goad their friends into liking your page may work once or twice, but there’s no payback. Here, you’re putting your items directly in front of them, plus you’ll have a fast and easy way to see on your catalog what types of items your customers are interested in because they will let you know. And if anyone gets out of line, you can delete it. Otherwise, enjoy your products getting wider exposure on a social networking site that exists solely to share with the world: "this is what I like."
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