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Lesson 2 Vocab 47 - Sitemap

A "sitemap" is a great way to show your visitors every important page on your website. It's simply a well organized list of all the pages on your website, in other words, just a list of links.

Visitors might get confused and lost when you finally grow to a very large website. Lost savvy internet users will scroll to the bottom of your website and look for the "sitemap" link to help them out.
Sometimes we all need a map to figure out where we're going.

Many people are using their cell phones to view web pages. Actually in late 2009 it was estimated 20,000,000 iPhones and 30,000,000 Blackberry phones had been sold. It can be difficult to navigate a website using a cell phone, especially if the website has a lot of photos or logos on it. Many cell phone users delight to find a sitemap page on a difficult to navigate site. It allows them to view an easy to read list of links and find what they are looking for fast.

I've observed that not many jewelry website owners will bother creating a sitemap. Smaller jewelry store owners don't see a value in it, especially since it may cost more money to have your programmer create this extra page.

If you do invest in a sitemap feature for your site, make sure your programmer also creates a "Google Sitemap" for you. The how-to's of Google Sitemaps are a little technical to explain, but if you ask them they should know how to do it.

Adding a Google Sitemap to your website will insure that Google finds and crawls all your web pages. This also removes the guesswork and waiting for when Google will find and crawl all the pages of your site on its own.
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