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Lesson 2 Vocab 10 - Blog, Blogging, Blogger, and Articles

I previously mentioned Google AdSense and how you could make money if you were a writing publishing your stuff online. What I didn't say before is that the process of writing and publishing online is called "Blogging."

The word "blog" is a portmanteau of the words "web" and "log." In 1997 the process of writing and publishing online was considered a weblog, but then in 1999 it was shortened to just "blog."

Someone who writes and publishes online is called a "Blogger." Every blogger of course needs their own "Blog." Each time you publish into your blog it is referred to as an entry... as in a journal entry.

One of the original blogging website is called LiveJournal. They created their name and their system for people who keep daily journals and want to publish them online.

Although LiveJournal paved the way for many blogging ideas, they have been surpassed by better systems like and the impressively flexible Since the advent of Blogger and WordPress we don't refer to your writings as journal entries, but rather as "articles."

You should have a blog. Every jewelry store owner should have a blog. It's the only place where you can express yourself, your feelings, teach your customers and occasionally mention products in your store.

NEVER sell through your blog.

The only purpose of your blog is to prove to your customers that you know what you are talking about. If done professionally, your blogging will create trust between you and your readers. That trust will translate into sales.

Once you become an accomplished blogger with hundreds of articles you should consider creating a Google AdSense account and allow advertisers to put ads on your blog. The advertising money might only be a few dollars every month, but every penny counts.
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