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Lesson 2 Vocab 32 - Link Bait

Remember what was said earlier, Content is King. The larger and more interesting your jewelry website is the better results you will have from search engines. But how exactly does that happen?

The natural method to develop better results over time is random unsolicited linking from other websites to yours. If that sounds confusing, just keep reading because I'm going to explain it right now.

Remember before when I mentioned Reciprocal Linking? You ask someone to put a link on their website in exchange for a link on yours. But an unsolicited link is much more valuable than a reciprocal link.

As your writing skill improves, and as your content grows, more and more people will notice you. When someone finds you interesting they might blog about you, and they might link to your website for their own reasons. The other possibility is that you intentionally put controversial content on your website in hopes people will link to you.

I'm going to adapt a term from my college physics studies and say that every large website eventually produces a "significant gravity." Your goal as a jewelry business entrepreneur and website owner is to eventually build a website so large that it attracts links from bloggers and visitors from search engines.

"Link Bait" is a term used by SEO Professionals to indicate the point at which your website has enough interest to attract links without solicitation. The larger your site becomes the more significant gravity it will have to get links and pull in traffic.

I want to make sure I connect all the dots for you. You need to understand how different terminology ties together. Earlier I explained to you the importance of becoming an Authority Website. I told you that an Authority Website usually has 50 or more pages of quality content relating to a single topic.

There's also something that starts to happen as you build your site toward a Link Bait goal... you also become an Authority Website.
More pages begets more links. More pages begets more authority. More authority and links together begets more traffic. And finally more traffic begets financial gain.
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