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Ideas for Online Jewelry Sales Copy That Work

I like to think of the sales process as a perfect dance between the salesperson and the customer. Once you're been working in retail jewelry industry long enough you start to recognize the common reasons people buy jewelry.

What's the first reason you can think of? Perhaps an engagement ring? If you've been working in a jewelry store long enough you will recognize the typical reasons, and the seasonal reasons. And along with these reasons you probably perfected a unique sales approach that works. Naturally if your sales approach was not working you would not still be working in the retail jewelry industry.

I wanted to illustrate this sales process before explaining how you should be writing the sales copy for your jewelry website. The priority is to make your sales copy work to sell your jewelry. Who's the best person in the store to explain the details of the gold cross jewelry? Who's the best at selling watches? Who's the most qualified at selling solitaire rings? It's important to recognize that these may not be the same person.

You should call upon the best employee at selling bracelets to help write the sales copy for that same set of bracelets on your website.

Since the internet is devoid of direct human interaction you need to rely on your previous experience so you can put into words exactly what the customer wants to hear. What are those common questions someone asks when buying a tennis bracelet? Include both the question and the answer as part of the product description. This method is critical since your customer will search online for their question. Imagine their surprise, and relief, when they find a website answering their exact question.

Obviously this is a long and tedious process, and I only recommend it for reorderable items so you can do the process once and profit from it several times. The exception is if you do have a high profit item that makes the labor worth it.

Having your most qualified employee write the sales copy for might be challenging since many people feel they are not qualified to write. In such cases you should use a digital voice recorder to record a mock sales conversation between yourself and the employee, then transcribe the conversation later.

Once your sales copy is written you will have to test its effectiveness online. For a jewelry store website this will probably take a while unless you have more than 100 visitors per day. Use Google Analytics to test common things like your headlines or call to action and to determine how your visitors are interacting with your sales copy.

Once you found copy that sells, sprinkle some additional jewelry keywords in where they make sense to help with your search engine ranking.

The process explained above will not help generate traffic to your website quickly, but it will help convert simple visitors into customers. Over time you will attract new visitors through search as you sprinkle jewelry keywords into your copy.
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