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Lesson 2 - Website Vocabulary Introduction

In our first lesson we talked about the search engines, how to use them, how the search results were laid out and introduced some terminology. In this lesson we will introduce most of the vocabulary you will encounter while working on your website. In my own continual education I find that the biggest hurdle for me is to simply learn the new vocabulary terms involved. Indeed, once I fully understand those new words I am able to consume the educational material faster.

As always with the Jeweler Website Advisory Group, this lesson will be presented using examples that directly related to you, the jewelry business owner. The common lexicon within your industry is infused into this training for your ease of understanding.

I'll present the vocabulary in alphabetical order, but I'd like to recap the terms you have already heard from the previous lesson, and one I just used.

A few sentences ago I already used a term which you may not be familiar with. The word was "consume." I don't know many people who would say "I consumed my dinner," but I have heard firefighters say "it was consumed by the fire."

If you look up the definition for the word "consume" on you will find 7 definitions, the first of which is "to destroy or expend by use; use up." The second definition is "to eat or drink up; devour." I won't mention the remaining 5 definitions, but they all refer to using or spending something.

As you begin your education into jewelry websites and marketing for your website you will hear the word "consume" many times. Many educators, including myself, use the word all the time. You see, we don't just want you to read the information we give you. We want you to devour it, pick it apart, and use it immediately for your own purposes.

When it comes to your website education or any internet education, everything your read, listen to or watch is immediately actionable. You should never read something cover to cover and then refer back to it later. You will never truly learn this internet stuff by sitting through the education in hopes that it is useful later.

I would be very insulted if you just sat there and read this material without once saying to yourself, "Is that really true? Let me check that out right now!"

You can't expect that these words will be remembered unless you take action and force yourself to remember them. Read, listen, take action and use this education immediately. Go to your computer and check this stuff out right now, every step of the way.

I feel pretty strongly about this. I firmly believe you cannot simply sit through an educational course on websites and the internet. You need to "consume," or use the information right now. I would rather it take you 1 full day to work through one of our lessons than simply 1 hour to read through it.

Speaking of working through a lesson, in the last lesson you were introduced you to search engines, how they work and how they are laid out. While you were going through the lesson, I hope you at least sat next to your computer and looked at Google. If not, you might want to go through it again while sitting next to a computer and try the search examples presented in the lesson.

Let's get started with our new vocabulary, this is in alphabetical order except for this first definition. I don't want to use any vocabulary terms in any of my definitions without first explaining them.

In fact, I took extra care to write this lesson expecting you would read it in order. I did my best to avoid using terms before defining them. As this lesson progresses I use more and more previously defined terms, so I hope you do learn this stuff as you read it.

So don't jump ahead. If you jump to page 50 right now you will find yourself swimming with vocabularic sharks; not knowing you could have picked up a shark proof scuba suit just a few pages earlier.

I'm not a fan of bite-and-bump shark attacks, and I never want you to feel anxiety about this website education either. Since this first vocabulary term is pretty common, I need to cover it before all the others.
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